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\ ^ \ ' <** 




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LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation 

1 993 Conestogan 

Table of Contents 

Special Events 15 

Clubs 42 

Sports 60 

Faculty 92 

Underclassmen 108 

Seniors 128 

Index 178 


Elizabethown College, Elizabethtown, PA; Taylor Publishing Co. 



Paul Muschick helps Dave Salmon taste test a new 
desert item to be added to the cat menu. 



We stepped out of the safety of our 
homes and into the unknown world 
of college. As pebbles, rolling along 
the river, some of us fall out of the 
water, but most of us find a place 
among the other stones, moving to- 
gether, making friends and creating 
memories that will last a lifetime. As 
seniors, we reach the time where we 
must take a step up and out into a 
new life in a new world, taking with us 
those memories andfriendships and 
leaving behind a little piece of our- 
selves. These years are the Stepping 
Stones we all use and all build upon 
to help each other take a step in the 
right direction... 

»-♦ i • ff* **^ 

Having a ball at Etown College! 

2 Opening 

No rain. No snow. No construction in sight. What's wrong with this picture? 

T/te m 


Opening 3 

To the right: Jeff shows his artistic talents on 
Kelly's face. 

Below: Lisa, Allison, Gina and Jen are dressed 
to impress. 

Above: Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. 

To the right: Kerri Kileen tries to keep afloat through all the hall 

4 Opening 

Opening 5 

To the right: Presenting Etown's Homecoming King 
and Queen-Erik Hess and Tracy Raine. 

Below: Paula and P.J. take a moment to relax after a 
long day. 

6 Opening 

\ Above: Marimba and Alex sell goodies for AACS at Midway. 

To the left: Could this be love? 
j Below: Friends support Deirdre at the Homecoming halftime. 

Opening 7 

To the right: Steve Barnes and 
Sharon Manley discuss the laws of 
quantum physics at the Homecom- 
ing midway. 

Below: "Okay, I'm ready for the 

1 ; 

Above: They say cool temperatures 
provide a better atmosphere for learn- 
ing, but this is ridiculous. 

To the right: "Dive into the experi- 

8 Opening 

Above: Heather and Beth take time out to pose for a 
picture before going to the Olive Garden for a deli- 
cious Italian meal. 

Above: Etown cheerleaders practice before the big 

Opening 9 

To the right: When * 

did they let that ■ . *<? 

bunch out? *^^» 

Below: Angel and 
Michele commune 
with nature. 

Above and to the 
right: Meaghan Ettl 
and Christine 
Dechert, ready for 
a night on the town. 

To the right: 
Season's Greetings 
from Celia, Ken, 
Kerri, Colleen, Ed, 
Jen and Jeff. 

10 Opening 

Wendy Smith, Jen Walter and Marcy Stanson cheer in front of the filled bleachers at Homecoming. 

Above: Michele Wolfgang and Cindy Rogers admire 
the Bonsai collection at the National Arboretum while 
on an Eastern Religions field trip. 

To the left: Carolyn Taylor, Maggi Felske. Liz Heiser 
and Elizabeth Brooks doing the wave for the camera. 

Opening 11 

To the right: Jen and Lisa are attacked by a Blue Jay. 
Birdie, birdie in the sky. why'd you do that in my eye? 

Below: One of several banners made in honor of the 
Homecoming game. 

To the right: Etown students demonstrate a tea cer- 
emony for their Japanese History class. 

Below: Surf's up dude. Students pose for a Hawaiin 
picture. TGIS weekend. 

12 Opening 

To the left: Students enjoy one of the 
few sunny days at the sundial. 

Below: Mary Cardamone raids Dr. 
Lehr's closet before the dance. 

To the left: Doug, Sue and Don hang 
out on the BSC terrace between 

Below: Whispering sweet nothings. 

i i 


Above: New fashion trends at Elizabethtown College. 

Opening 13 

Below: I'll take one of each. 

Above: Steve Sinkway. Mike Donnelly and Kevin 
Miller head towards the BSC after lunch in the cafe 

Above: An Etown 
softballplayer bunts the 
ball in the game on TGIS 

Above and to the right: 
How many days do you 
give the fish to live? 

Right: Just a tad bit chilly. 

Far right: It's way too nice 
to go to class. 

14 Opening 


To the left: Phil D'Adderio 
manuevers around his opponent. 

Below: Smile-people will think 
you're up to something! 

To the left: Matt tries to look at the 
worid from a different angle. 

Opening 15 

16 Special Events 

Stepping Out is what 
makes Etown what it is today. 
College is a time for growing 
and learning, but there is more 
to an education than a class- 

In the 1992-93 school 
year, Etown had the traditional 
special events which included 
Convocation, Parent's Week- 
end, Homecoming, two plays, 
the Spring Arts Festival, TGIS, 
the Jr-Sr Formal and gradua- 

The school year also 
saw some not so traditional 
events such as the Winter 
Wonderland dance, the stu- 
dent protest and the blizzard 
of the century. 

Each event held its own 
meaning for each individual, 
but as a whole, the events of 
the year gave Etown students 
a chance for something differ- 
ent, a chance for Stepping Out. 


Special Events 17 


To the right: The audi- 
ence rises as Dr. Gliptis, 
Dr. Evans and Dr. Poole 
exit the convocation cer- 
emony. Convocation 
was held in early Sep- 

Below: Each year Con- 
vocation is held to mark 
the beginning of the new 
academic year. This 
year Dr. Maurice Boyd 
captivated the audience 
with a few words during 
the ceremony. 

18 Special Events 


The college Convocation was held on Sep- 
tember 9, 1992, in the midway. Reverend Dr. R. 
Maurice Boyd served as the Keynote speaker with his 
address entitled "A Lovely Ambition". 

The recognition of College Scholars 
preceeded Reverend Boyd's address. Seventeen 
juniors and twenty seniors were honored for their 
academic achievements. College Scholars are stu- 
dents who have successfully completed at least 60 
credit hours at the college and have maintained a 
cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher. 
Immediately following the ceremony, a reception was 
held in the sundial area of the midway. 

Above: Provost Ritsch, as well as many others, participated 
in the Convocation ceremony. 

To the right: Since the establishment of the college, Convo- 
cation has been held at the start of every school year. For the 
1992 ceremony, Dr. Ranck leads the procession of faculty 
carrying the torch. 

Convocation 19 


Singing voices resounded throughout campus during 
Homecoming as this musical quartet enriched the day. 

Above: As he dribbles past his opponent. Chris Condron 
impresses the fans at the Homecoming game. 

To the right: Among the entertainment at midway were the 
clowns giving out yo yo's. DJ's from WWEC playing musical 
selections and students swallowing fish at the sushi bar. 

20 Special Events 

Natalie Eshelman is escorted around the field in style. She 
represented the sophomore class on the Homecoming Court. 

# .*' I From churros to cotton candy, midway offered a wide variety 
m j*~*'"s of snacks. Here two brave souls conquere a deep fryer filled 
~~ -«-i- with french fries. 


At half-time of the victorious soccer game, the Homecoming Court was 
presented to the crowd of people, cheering and clapping. Members included: 
Freshmen-- Holly Benner and Tim McHarness; 
Sophomores- Natalie Eshelman and Creighton Faust; 
Juniors- Melissa Bush and Matt Lawrence; 

Seniors- Deirdre Hendrie, Tracy Raine, Andrea Thornton, Erik Hess. Ravi Patel, 
and Pete Rath. 

Finally, the moment arrived and, with the tension and excitement mounting, seniors 
Tracy Raine and Erik Hess were crowned queen and king. 

Homecoming 21 

So far so good, but how much longer could Andy 
Sagar's luck last? 


The day might have dawned chilly and a bit 
bleak, but the weather did little to dampen the spirits of 
Elizabethtown College students and alumni this October 
17, Homecoming 1992. 

Crowds of people braved the elements to stroll 
the midway, checking out the various booths sponsored 
by school clubs, organizations, and local artisans. Clowns 
greeted the children who waited to jump into the Sea of 
Balls, and Blue Jay calls were heard as our mascot flitted 
about, sparking excitement for the afternoon's soccer 
game. Meanwhile, students took the opportunity to 
plaster professors and fellow students with cream pies 
and water balloons. Participants in the inter-class tug- 
of-war worked up quite an appetite, which could be 
satisfied by the assortment of refreshment stands lining 
the midway. The weekend was enjoyable for all. 

\ ... 

Above: Christine Fosko supports the environment by 
selling T-shirts. 

To the right: Michelle Marks encourages political 
awareness during Homecoming. 

22 Special Events 




RJ To the left: Tami Noll rallies school spirit at the 
SB SIFE table. 

Below: At the Marketing Club table, Kevin 
Ackerman and Beth Gerber demonstrate business 
acumen by selling Etown key chains. 

/ 'i M^^SESl 

• fl '-^HK 

VxSA>^^^l m^2m 

U " tt«* 


P~P* -*fl 

Melts in your mouth 
and on your hands. 



Homecoming 23 


Far right: Heather 
Florin plays an in- 
nocent woman, 
pleading with her 
adulturous hus- 
band, played by Bill 

To the right: Lisa 
Tarsi plays a gypsie 
accused of witch- 

24 Special Events 

Beth Puorro, the messenger brings 
news to the bride's father, Ed Lee. 

The Crucible 

and Much Ado About Nothing 
Each year, Etown produces two shows for audi- 
ences to enjoy. In the fall of 1992, cast and crew 
members worked hard on The Crucible. The play was 
not only entertaining, but educational as well, dealing 
with the witch trials in Salem, Massachussettes. 

In the spring of 1993, auditions were held and a 
new cast and crew were chosen for William 
Shakespeare's, Much Ado About Nothing. Itwasthefirst 
time in many years that a Shakespearean play was 
performed at Elizabethtown. The comedy revolved 
around two different couples destined to be together, 
with many humorous problems occuring in the process. 
With a revolving stage and great performances, the play 
was very successful. 

To the left: All of the characters 
contributed to Much Ado About 
Nothing's great success. 

Special Events 25 

Spring Arts Festival 

To the right: Students show off their talents. 
Below: Students enjoyed all sorts of entertainment 

Above: Monica and Michelle paint shirts for a fund 
raiser at the festival. 

To the right: The jazz band entertained all. 

26 Special Events 

Kids of all ages enjoyed drawing faces on balloons. 

h na^U'i* 



Art Appreciation 

Every spring at Etown, the students, faculty and 
community pull together to show their appreciation and love 
of the arts. The 1993 festival included many performances 
and activities for people of all ages to enjoy. 

Among the performances were interesting and beau- 
tiful poetry readings by both students and faculty creative 
dances coordinated by Judy Williams Henry and great music 
played by the jazz band. 

The hidden talents and creativity of the sudents and 
faculty had a chance to show through in all forms of art, 
making the 1993 Spring Arts Festival at Etown a great 

Special Events 27 

T. G. I. S. 

Spring is in the Air 

Every spring you can count on the flowers 
blooming, the birds singing and Etown celebrating 
it all with the annual TGIS weekend. 

It all started Friday night when students 
crowded the floor of Hershey Hall for the video 
dance. Saturday, students participated in the sand 
volleyball tournament. While some students chose 
to golf throughout Etown, others got dressed up 
and headed to Thompson Gym for a truly Hawaiin 
dinner. Students, surrounded by grass huts and a 
waterfall, feasted in the gym where later that night 
a laser light show and dance were held. 

On Sunday, there were plenty of Luau 
games at the midway where a band played for 
those students participating or just sitting in the sun 
on the gorgeous spring day. 

Students chill at the hottest vacation spot in Etown. 

Surf's up, dude! 

APB volunteers set up the gym for a Hawaiin feast. 

28 Special Events 

To the left: Beach volleyball at its 

Below: APB hired an alternative 
band to play at midway for TGIS. 

■•■1 I ■ j8i»k:s 

§ # 

Etown men hit the ball around while enjoying music at the midway. 

Special Events 29 

An Etown student looks determined to hit his target; it must be his friend in the dunking booth. 

Above: APB prepares for the dinner crowd in the gym 
To the right: "TGIDT. Thank goodness it's dinner time.' 

30 Special Events 

Etown males hit the ball around at midway 
while listening to the band. 

T. G. I. S. 


Coinciding with the dedication of the new BSC 
Annex, a group of students staged a peaceful demon- 
stration demanding better communication between the 
administration and the student body. The purpose of the 
protest was to make the Board of Trustees aware that 
the students are concerned about how Etown's funds 
are allocated. 

Getting up early Saturday morning, about 1 00 to 
150 protesters, many bearing signs, gathered on the 
steps of the High Library. They then moved from the 
High Library to the new BSC Annex, where they pro- 
tested inside and outside of the building. 

Two of the major concerns discussed were the 
rennovations to the president's house and the planned 
construction of a chapel on campus. 

The protest was organized by the Student Sen- 
ate and many feel that it was a success. This was the first 
stepping stone towards better communications between 
the administration and the sudent body. 


Above: Students gather to voice their opinions. 
To the left: Bump, set, spike. 

Special Events 31 

JR / SR Formal 

Far top: Students relax around the table after 

Above: Megan and Scott pose outside the 
dance room. 

To the left: Students party in their hotel room at 


32 Special Events 


Upperclassmen gathered at the Penn 
Harris Hotel and Convention Center in Camp 
Hill on April 3, 1993, for the annual Junior/ 
Senior Dinner Dance. 

The Junior class, which sponsors the 
event, made this year's formal uniquely 
Elizabethtown. . . from the students who 
greeted those attending the dance at the door 
to the student DJ who provided the music that 
kept the students celebrating through the night. 

The Junior Class' s careful planning 
combined with the Penn Harris's cooperation 
created an enjoyable evening for all who at- 

The 1993 Junior/Senior Formal went 
well for both the hotel and the college. From 
the appetizers to breakfast the next morning, 
students danced the night away. 

Above & to the left: 
Gisele and her date 
enjoy the dance. 

To the left: Why do 
these guys look like 
they're up to some- 

Special Events 33 

34 Special Events 

JR / SR Formal 

Far top: Girls just wanna have fun. 
Above: A good time was had by all. 
To the left: Bill and Debbie enjoy the night together. 

Special Events 35 

Senior Worship Service 

A Time to Remember 

With standing room only, the 
Brethren church hosted the annual 
senior worship service which is run 
entirely by the senior class. Many 
seniors participated in this event by 
singing, playing an instrument or 

The event gave the seniors 
and their families a chance to pray 
together, sing together and remem- 
ber together one last time before 

Stories, prayers and humor by 
the seniors and Dr. Eugene Clemens, 
who was asked to speak at the ser- 
vice, were combined to create an 
inspirational and touching atmosphere 
for all who attended. 

Michelle Baker speaks to her fellow seniors. 

Seniors join together to sing in the Brethren church. 

36 Special Events 

' V' . 

To the left: "What page is it on?" 

Below: Melinda Apple plays for the service. 

Above: Stacy is one of the many seniors to partici- 

Special Events 37 


Above: After four years of college, Dennis still doesn't 
know how to dress himself. 

To the right: Heather is deep in thought at graduation. 

Below: Bobby pins were a girls best friend at graduation. 

38 Special Events 

The things we learn at college. 


The sun was shining, beach balls were 
flying, bubbles were floating and health care was 
being discussed. Saturday, May 22, 1993, thou- 
sands of people gathered in the dell to witness or 
participate in one of the most important events of 
a college student's life-- graduation. 

Provost Ritsch filled in as the master of 
ceremonies, presenting the graduates with the 
long awaited diploma covers which would hold 
the diplomas that could be picked up after the 

With some controversy within the stu- 
dent body, Senator Harris Wofford spoke to the 
graduating class, mostly addressing health care 

Pictures were taken, tears of happiness, 
relief and sadness were shed and memories 
were shared by the class of '93. 

Graduation day stands as a stepping 
stone for all the seniors to use to step up and out 
into a challenging new world. 

Above: That's one way to tell her. 

To the left: John and Debbie pose together after the 

Special Events 39 

To the right: Graduates are anxiously listen 
ing to the Senator's speech. 

Below: Following in dad's footsteps. 

Above: "We made it 

Graduates congratulate each Pete turns to shoot his fellow 
other. graduates with a water gun. 

40 Special Events 


To the left: Bobbie Andrews and friend 
pose for one of many pictures following 

Below: Graduates march through the line 
up of professors before graduation. 

Far left: Senator 
Wofford addresses the 
graduating class. 

To the left: Ginger and 
Kevin pose while wait- 
ing for the procession 
to begin. 

Special Events 41 



42 Clubs 

there are plenty of opportuni- 
ties for students and falculty to 
become involved with the cam- 
pus community. Outside aca- 
demics and sports, Etown has 
various organizations open for 
student membership. These 
next few pages give a glimpse 
of the club action on campus. 

Starting off with clubs 
established by individual aca- 
demic departments, students 
can become involved with ac- 
tivities associated with their 
majors or interests. 

Campus communica- 
tions allows students to write, 
broadcast, announce and in- 
form the Etown community. In 
order to recognize outstand- 
ing students in academics, 
Etown has organized several 
honors clubs. 

Some clubs take action 
in following the college's motto, 
"educate for service." These 
service organizations help the 
local, national and even inter- 
national world. Politically there 
are clubs and councils in which 
students can voice there opin- 
ions and information in the 
college and national system. 

The opportunities for 
involvement are limitless. 
There is always room for mem- 
bership, so step to it! 

Clubs 43 

Education Club: Row 1: K. Fortune. L. Karvelis, B. Donecker, K. Metzger, H. Frank, H. Showalter, L. O'Hop, 
P. Wolf, M. Woodfield. M. Kidd (Pres.), R. Margolin, S. Mitschang. Row 2: P. Hodson, S. Miller, B. Allison, G. 
Baldwin, H. Trexler. S. Kail, E. Romano, C. Deeter. J. Geibhart, J. Ester, S. McGadden. Row 3: C. Plane, S. 
Gibson. M. Mirkovich, K. Hoffman, S. McKenna, A. Zawislak, S. Knerr, A. Sales, R. Rainville. B. Hassinger, S. 
Gallagher. D. Bauman (Advisor). B. Nagle, M. Principe. 

i n 


Above: English Club: Row 1: L. Gilligan, C. Hannigan, 
M. Lindsey, P. Patton. Row 2: E. Hochadel, A. Heffner 
(Pres), E. Foster, D. Reynolds. 

Above & to the right: SAM: Row 1: B. Panella, S. 
Barnes, L. Bedwick, M. Maguire, C. Zakis (Pres), K. 
Freese. Row 2: K. Hoffman, M. De Las Alas, F. Betsker, 
H. Wolff, K. Lape, M. Bush. Row 3: D. Malley, S. 
Esworthy. G. Habingreither, J. Hahn, L. Stoltzfus, J. 

To the right: SWSA: Row 1: R. Miller, B. Holran, B. 
DeRamus, J. Heffner (Pres), V. Moyer. Row 2: M. 
Kensinger, A. Metz, H. Lynch, T. Hagedorn, S. Miller. 
Row 3: V. Bergel (Advisor), J. Shady, J. Readinger, A. 
Acevedo, D. Gray, L. Hacker. 

44 Clubs 

Step to the Beat 

The Band Staff was right in stride this 
year. They put on the annual Fall Con- 
cert in November and formed a small 
parade band to march in the 
Elizabethtown Christmas parade. 

The members of the Band Staff con- 
tinued in step with Spring events includ- 
ing their largest event, the Pops Concert 
in May. Show tunes marches and big 
band music is just a taste of what is part 
of this main event. 

Above: MENC: Row 1: C. Jung, B. Hassinger, S. Kelley, J. 
Bankard, L. Cole, A. Loose, S. Van Stratum. Row2: K. Bellemare, 
L. Kenlin, S. Zimmerman, B. Troutman, A. Stutler, J. Love, J. 

To the right: Accounting/Finance: Row 1: A. Poore.T. Noll 
(pres),T. Guhl, N.Garrett, J. Schiavani. Row 2: L. McDonald, G. 
Wiessner, D. Pinand, G. Habingreither, K. Freese. Row 3: S. 
Esworthy, J. Leidig, D. Wilson, L. Lawrence, C. Cinkutis. 

Band Staff: Row 1: M. Mikovich, A. Simon, P. Wolf 
(pres), D. Van Buren. Row 2: E. Czetli, B. Sabaka, M. 


Marketing Club: Row 1: D. Lavelle, C. Delong. K. Akerman. B. 
Gerber, B. Russo, H. Puro, L. Bedwick. Row 2: F. Betsker, K. 
Hoffman, B. Baer. D. Kauffman, M. Williams, B. Falck. 

Clubs 45 

Major Step In 

The Biology Club boasted seventy 
members in 1992-93 school year, led by 
president, Dana Innerst and vice president, 
Jennifer Hull. The members, from all differ- 
ent majors, looked to get all those interested 
in biology together outside of the classroom. 

In the past, the Biology Club has 
travelled to the Washington D. C. National 
Zoo and toured the Hershey Medical Center. 
Members have also had the unique opportu- 
nity to attend lectures given by distinguished 

To the right: Physics Club: Row 1: L. Wischener, D 
Lance, T. Yingling, T. Heagy. Row 2: M. Reddig, G 
Phelan, Professor D. Ferruzza, P. Steeneken, G. Troutman 
J. Hnat, A. Acevido, S. Wiezgoda, M. Stuckey. 

Above: Biology Club: Row 1: T. Yingling, S. Mecolgan 
D. Innerst, B. Readinger, S. Harman, J. Brown, M. O'Brian 
Row 2: K. Bombaro, K. Welsh, J. O'Donnell, J. Stehr, M 
Olson, G. Hartman. Row 3: M. Sleighter, A. Pichiarello, P 
Logan, L. Yunger, M. Erdman, J. Blythe. 

To the right: SAACS: Row 1 : J. Kabatt, C. Schappell, K 
Koskowicz, J. Green, C. McHarness. Row 2: C. Matejicka 
C. Donmoyer, W. Marsh. 

46 Clubs 

Above & to the left: Political Science Club: Row1: 
S. Tregea, L. Beck, H. Heckler, P. Diaz, F. DeAngelis 
(pres), D. Helms. Row 2: T. Richardson, D. Miller, C. 
Zakis, M. Cushman, E. Hause. 

Above: Psychology Club: D. Brown, B. Miller, T. 
Hardick, R. Moore, J. Wright, J. Baisden. Row 2: J. 
Raimo, B. Tumbaugh, N. Concodora, H. Wolff, A. 
Trexler. Row 3: T. Hershberger, C. LeFevre, C. 
Hoffman, M. Fieldhouse. 

Far left: History Club: Row 1: F. DeAngelis, P. Diaz. 
Row 2: D. Miller, M. Obuhanick (pres). 

To the left: Math Club: Row 1:G. Baldwin, D.Lewis, 
G. Wiessner, H. Richardson, S. Markey. Row 2: D. 
Pinand, M. Baker, S. Knerr, T. Eicker. Row 3: M. 
Sahd, D. Koontz (advisor), D. Zachary, C. Hoffman. 

Below: Pre-LawClub: Row 1: C. Zakis, L. Beck, A. 
Madden, F. DeAngelis, S. Tregea. Row 2: T. 
Richardson, R. Ellis, S. Brady. 

To the left: SOTA: Row 1 : B. Maurer, A. Sargent, F. 
Carter, P. Person. Row 2: Dr. Jones (adv), T. 
Campbell, K. Savidge, C. Reiter, K. Ridgely, C. 
Rogers, S. Childs. S. Turnball. Row 3: S. Fox, S. 
Myers, L. Handel, A. Davenport, L. Neclaus, M. 
Rhen, K. Rea, S. Kain, A. Rieck, C. Pasker, J. Kasar. 

Clubs 47 

To the right: Melanie Davis and Jessica Lester enter a layout into the computer. 

SCJ: Row 1 : T. Jennings, M. Wagner, A. Mumma-Frank, A. Billoni, B. Keller, R. 
Napoli, K. Zimmerman. Row 2: P. Muschick, E. Johnson, H. Perry, C. Praul, C. 
Siekierka, E. Rommel, B. Fisher, L. O'Hop, D. Paddock. 

Above: WWEC: Row 1 : B. Keller, J. Geib, R 
Napoli, C. Garabrant. Row 2: E. Lee, B 
Puorro, B. Hudson, C. Praul, D. Wright. 

To the right: Etownian: Row 1: M. Edwards 
T. Noll, L. Chatterton, N. Donze, P. Patton 
Row 2: M. Wagner, J. Gryckiewicz, K. Law 
J. Walter. Row 3: C. Garabrant (editor), J 
Shaner (adv), J. Teoli, K. Akerman, P 
Muschick, C. Hackett, M. Rubinkam, K 
Schuman, T. Jennings. 

48 Clubs 

Step to It 

The 1992-93 school year proved to be 
full of many changes for the Conestogan. Not 
only were there changes in leadership and com- 
puter programs, there were changes in office 
location and size of the book. No longer does the 
Conestogan share an office with the Etownian; 
the office is now located in Royer basement. The 
book itselfwas reduced in size to cut costs, yet 
with other necessary changes, covers more. 

Thanks to the hard work of the editors 
and staff, sales were up, communication be- 
tween the yearbook and students and adminis- 
tration was greatly improved and the Conestogan 
took its first step towards self-sufficiency. 

With all the changes in the 1 992-93 school 
year, the Conestogan definitely took a big step in 
the right direction. 

Conestogan: Row 1: Kristen Hagenbuch, Wendi Hutchinson, Joy 
Springer, Jennifer Fidler. Row 2: Kristen Power, Janet Gauger, 
Michelle Sleighter, Rachel Albright, Trisha Kendall, Erin Romano, 
Nikki Kreider, Tammy Hershberger (editor). Row 3: Donna Winter, 
Becky Salko, Gina Spicknall. Row 4: Becky Fisher, Karen LeVan, 
Michelle Hummer, Amy Cummings, Jessica Lester, Melanie Davis. 
Row 5: Rebecca Wolyniak, Barb Fussaro, Jessica Gensler. 

Kristen Power and Becky Salko keep 
busy in the new Conestogan office in 

Clubs 49 

Building the 

The honorable Delphi Society added eigh- 
teen new members through their highly selective 
process this year. This club, with the motto, 
"Always Excel," extended the challenge to its 
members to excel in scholarship, leadership and 
service as it always has in the past. 

During the fall semster, the Delphi Society 
sponsored a Wednesday at Ten in Gibble Audito- 
rium. The speaker, Dr. James Hunter, spoke on 
the subject of Culture Wars. In the spring, the 
members sponsored the "Delphi Lectures." This 
program entailed several Etown professors ap- 
pearing in the residence halls to speak on various 
topics of interest to the students. 

Phi Theta Epsilon: Row1: Amy Rieck, Jennifer 
Carbaugh.Traci Bidle. Stacy Kain. Row 2: Sandy 
Childs, Cindy Rogers. 

Sigma Tau Delta: Row 1: Laura 
Gilligan, Leah Stevens, Christine 
Hannigan. Row 2: Kris Snook, Angie 

Psi Chi: Row1: Tom Hecker, Janella 
Wright, Laura Greger, Tricia Hardick, 
John Teske (advisor). Row 2: Holly 
WOlff, Meaghan Ettl, Brandi Tallman, 
Chad Hoffman. 

50 Clubs 

Alpha Mu: Row1: K. 
Battavio, S. 

Zimmerman, B. 

Hassinger, B. Sabaka, 
M. Greist, A. Simon 
(pres), J. Jordan (sec), 
K. McCluskey (vice 
pres), A. Stutler. Row 
2: S. Nong, M. Gard, 
K. Foerster, J. 
Bankard, L. Cole, S. 
Perry, K. Gillen. Row 
3: L. Spink, J. Scholl, 
J. Lisinski, I. Mountain, 
P. Winter, H.Morin.W. 
Chilcoat. Row 4: J. 
Betz, K. Herbert, S. 
Geedey, M. Felske, M. 
Morgan, M. Miller, B. 
Struble, A. Applegate, 
Dr. M. Rohrbacher 

fl W v A 






mm Afl 

Delphi Society: Row 1: Staci Worley, 
Angie Heffner, Tim Guhl, Gina Baldwin, 
Kerry Freese, Missy Woodfield, Renee 
Rainville. Row 2: Michelle Principe, Lisa 
Boden, Katie Ridgely, Eric Reinbold, Jen- 
nifer Hahn. 

Delta Mu Delta: Row 1: Kerry Freese 
(treasurer), Laurie Stoltzfus (PR), Jackie 
Schiavani (president), Dawn Pinand (sec- 
retary). Row 2: Gwyn Habingreither, 
Jennifer Hahn, Katrina Lape, Scott King. 
Row 3: Tim Guhl, Linda Lawrence, Daryl 
Miller, Nicole Garrett. 

Clubs 51 

Campus Gold: Row 1: Holly Richardson, Sandy Childs, 
Dawn Pinand. Row 2: Beth Fletcher, Heather Jacobson. 

Hillel: Row 1: Hope Puro, Rebecca Margolin 
(co-president), Laura Handel (co-president). 
Row 2: Jen Baker, Viv Bergel (advisor). 

Above: Advocates for Peace: Row 1: E. Jansiewicz, E. 
Bidgood, M. Fieldhouse, D. Lewis, G. Baldwin, B. Gerber, J. 
Wyman. Row 2: D.Williams, G. Clemens (adv), A. Pederson, 
D. Scott, A. Spragg, J. Morrin. Row 3: H. Heckler, E. Foster 

52 Clubs 

Brethren Student Fellowship: Row 1: Betsy 
Barnes, Todd Frysinger, Wendi Hutchinson. Row 
2: Kelly Metzger, Sue Markey. 

Servicing the 

Habitat for Humanity was a very active 
organization in the 1992-93 school year. In the 
fall, they hosted a table at the midway during 
Homecomingand they also participated in the 
Commonwealth Service Corps "City Island Ser- 
vice Day" in Harrisburg. As a service to the 
borough of Etown, Habitat initiated a major build- 
ing project. 

The highlights of the year were the trip to 
Miami Springs, FL and the annual auction. In 
Florida, members helped to rebuild communities 
destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. The auction 
helped them to reach their $2,000 goal. 

Below: Habitat for Humanity: Row1: K. Freese,T. Hunt, 
B. Uber. Row 2: T. Tillman (vp), M. Makary, A. , J. 
Nalpathanchil, P. ,A. Row 3: J. Heffner, K. , L. Karvelis, 
M. Buonanno, M. Karias. Row 4: Savage, C. Parker, S. 
Westerfield (pres), E. Fisher. Row 5: H. Heckler, Jr. 

Above & to the left: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: 
Row 1: E. Brooks, B. Miller, J. Lesh, A. Cashner, P. 
Hodson-, C. Plane. Row 2: C. Taylor, M. Bell, F. Carter, H. 
Barnes, A. Guyotte, J. Stehr. Row 3: H. Heckler, Jr., M. 
Mowrer, A. Ruddock, D. McKinney, K. Knepp, M. Makary, 
L. Melson. 

To the left: Circle K: Row 1: B. King, G. Hartman, R. 
Wolyniak, A. Sargent, C. Fosko. Row 2: B. Turnbaugh, N. 
Concodora, A. Nagani, H. Jacobson, K. Sweeney. Row 3: 
C. Schmehl, L. Coleman, R. Howell, K. Hoffman, E. Keefe, 
K. Hagenbuch. 

Clubs 53 

Organizing the Path 

The Residence Life Council was able to unite 
the six residence halls plus the Schreiber Quadrangle 
this year to host some major events on campus. 

In October, the RLC sponsored a banner 
contest during the week of Homecoming. In Decem- 
ber, the RLC held the first annual Winter Wonderland 
dance. The cost of admission was a can of food which 
all together were donated to local charities for the 
holiday season. Another holiday event sponsored by 
the RLC was the annual hall decorating contest. 

RLC also created a strong dialogue between 
the students and the Residence Life Office, which 
proved to be very important during this year of expan- 
sion and remodeling at Etown. 

The 1992-93 Residence Life Council 
representatives. President: Greg Mann, 
Vice President: Kevin Rough, Treasurer: 
Kim Watkeys, Secretary: Holly Wolff. 
Founders President: Ayelet Rosenfeld, 
Myer President: Melanie Byers, Senior 
Quad President: Stephanie Turnball, 
Ober President: Laura Nelson, Brinser 
President: Andy Dondero. 

The 1992-93 Student Senate repre- 
sentatives. Executive Officers: Tracy 
Raine, Tom Hecker, Karen Ramsay, 
Ann Madden, Brandie Tallman, Jenni- 
fer Miller, Julie Brown, Melissa Bush, 
Frank DeAngelis. 

54 Clubs 

To the left: Members pull together to support RLC. 

Freshman class officers: Tim 

McHamess (president), Tim Kulas 
(treasurer), Holly Benner (vice- 
president), Rebecca Merritt (sec- 

Sophomore class officers: Jen- 
nifer Forney (vice-president), 
Sandra Hartman (Secretary), 
Tricia Campbell (president), Ann 
Madden (treasurer). 

Junior class officers: Kevin 
Pugh (president), Jennifer Hahn 
(treasurer), Melissa Bush (secre- 
tary), Joe Hnat (vice-president). 

Senior class officers: Frank 
DeAngelis (secretary), Tracy 
Raine (vice-president), Don Blyler 
(president), Meaghan Ettl (trea- 

Clubs 55 

Building a 

Democrat Club: Row 1 : Rob Ulmer, Andrea Berry, Maria 
Falcocchio. Row 2: Don Lewis, Tara Jennings, Matt 
Simmons (treas), Teresa Ritchie. 

Outdoor Club: Row1: R. Miller. R. Wolyniak, A. 
Sargent. E. Marr. Row 2: K.Hoffman, H. Heckler, 
T. Kendall, C. Fierro. 

To the right: 


[ I ,^t^"^^f l 


Row 1 : 


1 /wM 

Lindsey. Row 

Fv ♦ ^B 

2: Laura 

b m38 

G i I I i g a n , 

A n g i e 
H e f f n e r , 


i— . y£^r 




Row 3: Leah 

^^^^ i 




Emily Foster. 


Above & to the right: Students for Choice: Row 

1: G. Hunsicker, D. Lewis, S. McColgan (PR). J. 
Heffner, B. DeRamus (pres). K. Melcher (vp). Row 
2: T. Ritchie, W. Starr, P. Logan. M. Falcocchio, J. 
Miller. Row 3: H. Rauch, D. Mull, K. Jones, J. 
Raimo, J. Raimo, L. Bidgood. 

To the right: Arts Appreciation: Row 1: S. 

McColgan, D. Lewis, K. Randies (vp), A. Risser 
(pres), K. Metzger, P. Smith. Row 2: K.Hoffman, 
C. Majoor, S. Young. 

56 Clubs 


To the left: Sock & Buskin: Row1: A. Leffler, 
C. Jung, E. Aigner, M. Lindsay, K. Randies, A. 
Risser, P. Winter, A. Rivera, Row 2: M. Sevareid 
(adv), B.C. Keller, L. Sitter, H. Florin, C. 
Chicalese, S. Bardzick, J. Springer. Row 3: K. 
Meyers, K. Jacob, C. Lemming, E. Lee, D. 
McHenry, B. DeVett, B. Murray, S. Richardson, 
J. Hunter (adv), B.J. Panella, M. Mitchell. 

Below: SIFE: Karen Zimmerman, Staci Worley 
(pres), Tami Noll, Kerry Freese. Row 2: Linda 
Lawrence, Gregg Troutman, Hai-Am Liu, Ann 

'HJj : * 

Above & to the left: Track & Field: Row 1 : B 
Uber, A. Smith, F. Carter, L. Sciarello, C 
Schappell, B. Havener, M. Ladd, M. Bellarmino 
Row 2: T. Yingling, A. Shanbarger, J 
Raffensberger, J. Lynn, R. McManus, H. Barnes 
Row 3: D. Luy, S. Conners, P. Pietrefesa, B 
Ogle, M. Erdman, F. Femu. 

Left: Men's Volleyball: Row1: S. Seagrist, B. 
Torbeck, K. Pugh, B. Hudson (pres), B. Murray, 
G. Phelan. Row 2: B. Gallagher, C. Lowe, J. 
Andy, D. Zachary, T. Gebhardt, C. Hoffman. 

To the left: African American Cultural Soci- 
ety: Row 1 : S. Conners, D. Lehman, T. Johnson, 
P. Patton, D. Williams (pres), T. Ashby, L. Evans. 
Row 2: C. Hackett, M. Winston, J. Mwila, M. 
Khumalo, A. Gonzalez. 

Clubs 57 

Activities Planning Board: Row1: 
Rebecca Smith. Roberta Moore 
(treas). Lisa LaPorte (pres), Rick 
Cappadonna, John Rorick. Row 2: 
Christine Hannigan (vp), Melissa 
Edwards. Beth Nagle, Jennifer Miller 
(sec), Gina Hunsicker. Row 3: Jen 
Weeks, Gary Sprengel. 

Equestrian: Row 1: Becky Uber, 
Angel Beck, Annette Cashner. Row 
2: Scott King, Michelle Kozimor, Pat 
Smith, Alison Smith. 

58 Clubs 

s in m 

Clubs 59 

60 Sports 

Etown athletes Stepped 
Into Action in the 1992-93 
school year. From the varsity 
teams to the JV teams to the 
intramural teams, the year was 
full of entertainment, chal- 
lenge, disappointment and tri- 

Each season saw sev- 
eral teams compete in MAC 
competitions and even some 
National competitions. 

Although each sport 
had its own uniqueness and 
stars, they all shared a com- 
mon bond as part of Etown 
athletics. With the wisdom and 
experience of the old and the 
talent of the new, the sports 
teams of each year contribute 
greatly to what Etown is today. 

Every athlete, whether 
he/she is in it for fun, challenge 
or career has an opportunity at 
Etown to Step Into Action. 

Sports 61 

500th Win Achieved! 

The 1 992 soccer season was full of special moments and 
highlights. It was a team of eleven graduating seniors producing 
exceptional plays and creating several unforgettable moments. 

Although it wasn't a national championship year, team 
captians Pete Rath, Eric Smith, and Rick Saulle led the Blue Jays 
to many victories. The Blue Jays won the Drew Fall Festival by 
beating CCNY and Drew. The Jays then won the "Blue Jay 
Classic" by defeating Stevens College and tying Virginia Wesleyan. 
The team rose to the top, winning the NCAA Division III Mid- 
Atlantic Regional by beating Gettysburg and Messiah. 

The highlight of the season came with the 500th win. 
Through the years of hard work and dedication of those excep- 
tional players who have come and gone, the 1992 team was able 
to secure a victory against Scranton and earn a place in soccer 

Coach Skip Roderick was very proud of his players, and 
commented, "They had a major impact on E-town's soccer pro- 
gram. They had great success over the past four years, and they're 
going to be very hard to replace." The Jays ended their season at 
1 8-3-2, finishing for the eighth straight season in the top ten. Their 
performance proved once again the tradition of excellence that 
lives on in E-town soccer. 

Defender Denis Clarke passes the 
ball upfield. 

Row 1: Coach Phil Good, Coach Skip Roderick, Eric Smith. Denis Clarke, Kevin 
Pugh, Marco Giancroce, Rick Saulle, Danny Webb. Tony Suozzo. Eddie Savino, Pat 
Walsh, Graham, Tim Jones. Row 2: Andy Dondero. John Collela. Doug Panner, Do 
Young Sunho, Paul Colella, Pete Rath, Chris Condron, Jason Kirkwood, Phil 
D'Adderio, Tony Guerrera . Row 3: Jason Poley, Marwick Khumalo, Mike Schlotter- 
beck, Erik Hess, Mitch Groh, Mark Chambers. Chris Bair, Jeremy Casey, Brian 
Holby, Robert Sevret, Jim Cordery, Tim McHarness, Eric Hosier. Danny Sullivan 

62 Sports 

Etown Game Opponent 





VA Wesleyan 



















Above & to the left: Three E-town players attack 
the Muhlenberg goalie in the Homecoming game. 

To the left: Pat Walsh delivers a corner kick in this 
year's homecoming game. 

Below: Eric Smith moves the ball up the field to put 
Etown in position to score. 

Men's Soccer 63 

This year, more has 
passed than just the 1992 
Lady Jays soccer season. 
The graduation ot six special 
players brings the time to 
pass the torch of leadership. 
Coaches James Jones and 
Ed Bastista know it will be 
dificult to fill the spots of se- 
niors Amy Hyde, Laurie 
Kasper, Kathy Hensinger, 
Lisa Boden, Danni DiMarco, 
andTerri Schultz. 

The Lady Jays fin- 
ished their season with a win- 
ning record of 11-8 despite 
four early frustrating losses 
to New Jersey teams. The 
coaches emphasize the im- 
portance of playing teams 
that will challenge their play- 
ers, and praise the girls for 
rallying from close defeats to 
claim victories. 

The Lady Jays' 
squad has a strong lineup of 
underclassmen waiting to fill 
the spots being vacated and 
with the experience of the 
old and the willingness of the 
new, the Lady Blue Jays have 
a solid winning future ahead 
of them. 

Amy Hite manuevers past the defens 

attempts to move into scoring position. 



































Western Maryland 


Georgian Court 















64 Sports 

Heading For Victory 






Row 1: Liza Marshall, Teri Shultz, Sue Niezgoda. Row 2: Janice 
McJury, Shally Revak, Jill Petrie, Tara Brady, Allison Nethan, Laurie 
Kasper, Kelly Diven, Lisa Schellhorn, Lynn Wischner, Heather Hewson. 
Row 3: Coach Jones, Gretchen Hartigan, Angela Dalla Palu, Danielle 
DiMarco, Kathy Hensinger, Lisa Boden, Amy Hyde, Jocelyn Jarzynski, 
Amy Hite, Shanti Conners, Tiffanie Aceto, Coach Batista. 

To the left: Laurie Kasper runs down the field 
with the ball. 

Below: Lisa Boden 
anticipates a pass 
as Shally Revak 
dribbles past her 


Women's Soccer 65 

Above: Arlisa Snavely works to score on Eastern Mennonite. 


~ ~m. -i 



Above: Faye Betsker races toward the goal. 

To the right: Johnson and Zakis prepare to strip the 
ball from the opposition. 











Lebanon Valley 






East Stroudsburg 








Western Maryland 






Eastern Mennonite 


















66 Sports 

Dribble ; Drive, Score! 


Sabrina Johnson fights for the 
ball in the Homecoming game. 

Even though they had a 
talented group of women, the 
1992 Varsity Field Hockey team 
suffered a somewhat frustrating 
season. The endless hours of 
practice, hard work and determi- 
nation were not enough to ad- 
vance the Lady Jays to the MAC 
playoffs. They missed their MAC 
goal by only one seed; however 
they did finish third in the MAC 
Southeast section. Any fan will 
attest that their overall record of 
3-11-3 does not do them justice. 

Coach Kauffman, along 
with senior tri-captians Sabrina 
Johnson, Tish Maclay and Faye 
Betsker provided leadership 
throughout the season. Team 
effort paid off when Etown de- 
feated Swarthmore, Albright and 
Wilkes. Although Etown posted 
only three wins, these victories 

were impressive shutouts. 

A major highlight during the 
season occurred in the last game of 
the season when the Lady Jays 
beat regionally ranked Wilkes by a 
score of 5-0, which ended the sea- 
son very positively. Sabrina 
Johnson was selected as the team's 
MVP, and was also the top scorer of 
the season. For their outstanding 
ability and dedication, Johnson and 
Betsker were named to the MAC 
All-Star team. Withthelossof eight 
graduating seniors, the 1993 sea- 
son will be a time for rebuilding and 

The JV squad posted an 
overall record of 2-4-3. Like the 
varsity team, the JV team exhibited 
great determination and nonstop 
effort. This group will play an impor- 
tant role in the future of Etown's 
field hockey program. 



Row 1: Bonnie Williams, Jen Glynn, Sabrina Johnson, Tish Maclay, Faye 
Betsker, Christy Zakis, Trina Tillman, Sharon Manley. Row 2: Asst. Coach 
Robinson, Dawn Geverd, Jen Shaeffer, Suzanne McKenna, Kirsten McClune, 
Kelly Burk, Stacey Gehrig, Deb Martins, Arlisa Snavely, Colette Modres, 
Charlotte Lefevre, Coach Kauffman. 

Field Hockey 67 

The Jays break from the pack in search of a first place finish. 

».: -* 

With the loss of six of eight top run- 
ners to graduation, the men's cross country 
team expected a season of rebuilding. And 
although their overall record of 6 - 7 may 
reflect that, Coach Dale Luy saw a lot of 
strength in this year's team. Senior captain 
Matt Simmons, the team's only veteran, 
provided the necessary leadership for the 
season. According to Coach Luy, Simmons 
was a true unsung hero. The Jays were also 
aided by the efforts of number one runner 
Fidel Femu. Femu added some first place 
finishes to the team's statistics as well as 
depth and dedication. 

The Lady Jays chalkedup their sixth 
consecutive winning season this year with a 
record of 7-5. A narrow 28-27 win over 
Albright served as a season high point. 
Leading the Lady Jays this year was senior 
captian Michelle Steely. Steely broke the 
school record this year for most runners 
defeated in a single season. Her dedication 
and leadership will be missed. 

With a good percentage of the 
women's squad returning, and with Femu 
leading the men's squad, the teams look 
forward to a great 1993 season. 




Lebanon Valley Invitational 





Dickinson Invitational(Women) 

Westerm Maryland/John Hopkins 

F & M/Lebanon Valley 



68 Sports 

Making Tracks 

Row 1 : Martha Bennett, Marisa Bowman, Michelle Steeley, Carol Schappell, 
Lauren Reeser, Jennifer Lynn. Row 2: Joan Rossini, Beth Havener, Penny 
Miller, Martha Ladd, Alison Smith, Jodi Raffensberger. Row 3: Coach Luy, 




Row1: Fidel Femu, Matt Simmons, Dennis Puleo, Mike Reddig. Row 2: 
Mike Bellarmino, Tim Kulas, Harry Barnes, Rob McManus, Alec Belsky. 
Row 3: Coach Luy. 

Above & to the left: Mike Bellarmino and Dennis Puleo push each other 
toward the finish line. 

To the left: Fidel Femu takes strides toward victory. 

Cross Country 69 

Set It, Bump It, Spike It 

The word "expectations" best fits the 1992 Lady Jays 
Volleyball team. With the majority of the team returning from the 
last season, expectations were high, but as time wore on, 1 992 
became more of a learning season. 

Closing out their season with a 20-1 9 record, the Lady Jays 
fulfilled many expectations. They finished with an impressive 
second place in the MAC Northwestern Division with a record 
of 4-1 and received a bid for the Middle Atlantic Conference 
playoffs. Unfortunately, the Lady Jays lost to Ursula College in 
the first round of post-season play. Throughout the season, the 
Jays were a force to be reckoned with, and through their wins 
and losses, the team learned a lot. 

Although entering into a new conference next season brings 
with it many uncertainties, there are a few things to which Coach 
Pam Drazkowski and the volleyball team look forward. They 
are certain they will remain a solid force in college volleyball. 
The Lady Jays will lose no one to graduation and the team is 
expected to combine experience with new talent to continue the 
tradition at Elizabethtown College. 









Lebanon Valley 

Western Maryland 





70 Sports 

Below: Beth Puorro bumps the 
ball for a set. 

Row 1: Shannon Kelly, Monica Lehman Row 2: Lisa Evans, Barb 
Fussaro, Jen Kimmel, Trisha Forney, Tova Ashby Row 3: Coach 
Drazkowski, Deana Maguire, Becky Fisher, Karyn McKinney, Beth 
Puorro, Voula Kyriakopoulos, Laura Spink, Coach Tina Hill 

Above: No match for Voula's 

Volleyball 71 

Above: Oh! what a tangled web we weave. Can 
you tell who has the upper hand? 





Johns Hopkins 


















Western Maryland 









Lebanon Valley 



Western Maryland 


















Delaware Valley 











72 Sports 

Taking 'em Down 

Row 1 : Asst. Coach Eric Mast, Justin Barbush, Head Coach Ober, Mike Ahern, 
Chris Rumbaugh. Row 2: Chris Black, Steve Schultz, Jeff Mickletz, Aaron 
Smith, Bryan Zeamer, Jason Ford. 

Coach Ober gets his 300th 
career victory and senior Mike 
Ahern breaks the college's win 
record. . .these were two of the many 
special moments in a season that 
started with no one knowing what 
to expect. The old members came 
together with the new and Etown 
wrestling made a lasting first 
impresion when they easily de- 
feated Johns Hopkins University in 
the first match of the season. How- 
ever, the season took a twist, and 
the wrestlers were faced 
with injury and disappoint- 

The absence of a 
full roster only made the 
remaining wrestlers work 
harder. The sweat and 
dedication paid off. The 
Jays ended their regular 
season with 10 wins, 9 
losses, and 2 ties with four 
men placing in the MAC 
championships. The Blue 
Jay grapplers proved 
many words described 
their season: takedown, 
pin, pride, victory-and 
most of all, teamwork and 

Pins are usually hard to come 
by, but not for the Etown wres- 
tlers. The team had 35 total 
pins for the season. 

Wrestling 73 

Shooting for the Top 


k/^MT* &{& >'*^l^Wi*lKk\tt&f^!jM 

CJtrir ? ii5^^s^y*^ 

JH. J IE U^zSt*. M Mh^MJ 



The 1 992-93 Lady Jays made many 
strides this season. Although they did not 
go as far as they would have liked and their 
record may not have shown it, they gained 
great experience from playing betterteams. 
"We had two big losses that really hurt us, 
but once we got past them, things started 
to look up," says a proud Coach Kauffman. 

Obviously, things did start to look 
up. Beginning with the mid-season game 
against Albright, the Lady Jays took off on 
a winning streak; out of the remaining 
thirteen games, the team lost only two, 
and in those two games, the Lady Jays lost 
by only a few points. There was another 
highpoint near the end of the season; two 
of the senior captains, Marci Grossman 
and Ruth Wotman, reached the 1 000 point 

With the combination of those two 
seniors and the remainder of the team, the 
Lady Jays made it to the MAC playoffs, 
going up against Scranton. Unfortunately, 
they came up short, losing 102-73. They 
ended their season with a winning record 
of 19 wins and 9 losses. 

Above: Susie Young and Ruth Woltman propel the Lady 
Jay defense to stop the Susquehanna offensive cold. 

74 Sports 


8 * A 3 

I tttiii* r « * m v « : m -m 











Christopher Newport 












St. Mary's 






Johns Hopkins 











































Western Maryland 





Row1: Kris Kruse, Amita Mehta, 
Ruth Woltman, Jackie Schiavoni, 
Marci Grossman, Deirdre Hendrie, 
Heidi Metzger, Maggie Malis. 
Row 2: Assistant Coach Bob 
Wary, Head Coach Yvonne 
Kauffman, Deb Wyant, Julie 
Ogurcak, Angie Haas, Stephanie 
Muth, Susie Young, Assistant 
Coach Jim Archer. 




Above: Marci Grossman inbounds 
the ball to a fellow teammate. 

To the left: Angie Haastriesajumper 
for two points in the first game against 

Women's Basketball 75 

Row 1: unidentified. Bob 
Mrazik, Harold Crush, Ron 
Urich. Dave Karli, unidentified, 
Mike Anderson, Travis Crazier. 
Row 2: JV member, Mark 
Coassolo, Tom Kuffa, Dave 
Bartoli, Eric Schwartz, Brett 
Charleston, unidentified. Jv 
member. Row 3: JV squad. 
Row 4: Patrick Halpin, Assis- 
tant Coach Steve Schulman, 
Head Coach Bob Schlosser, 
Assistant Coach, Todd 



Above: Look at that wrist 
action. Travis Crazier has 
perfect follow throught. 

76 Sports 

Courting Victory 

Harlem Globe Trotters look out . . . here comes Harold 
Crush with his behind the basket shot. 

The 1992-93 men's basketball team 
found new success this year which sent them to 
the NCAA tournament. The determination and 
hard work brought the men's team to a new 
level of play and to a season record of 1 9 wins 
and 6 losses. This is the second best record 
since the 1963-64 season Etown had 20 wins 
and only 5 losses. 

Coach Schlosser commented that the 
team had the "potential of having a good year, 
but the team did better than anticipated." At 
one point during the season, they won 1 3 out of 
15 games and finally lost to number 1 ranked 
Scranton in the semifinal round of the MAC 
championships. Under tri-captains Dave Karli, 
Ron Urich and Tom Kuffa, the men's team 
advanced to the NCAA tournament. Both Tom 
Kuffa and Ron Urich reached the 1000 point 
career mark during the 1 993 season, and Coach 
Schlosser was named coach of the year in the 
MAC Northwest division. 

Coach Schlosser hopes this is the "start 
of many appearances for the men's team in the 
NCAA tournament." 

Above: The bench provided both mid-game relief and 
intense support, giving the team a winning edge. 

To the left: Running hard and dribbling fast gives the 
opponent no chance of stealing the ball away. 

Men's Basketball 77 

Making a Big Splash 

The men's swim team really made a big splash 
this season, finishing in fourth place at the MAC 
championships and ending their season with a record 
of 17 wins and losses. The 100-42 victory over 
Lycoming saw the men's team break the Etown swim- 
ming win record set by the 1 971 team. Captains Brian 
Renninger, Steve Fowler and Mike Schlotterbeck 
consistently brought victory to the team by winning 
their individual races and led the team to a very 
successful season. Etown had not only individual 
victories, but also team victories. In a challenging 
meet against Widener, the relay team captured a win 
with a season best time . 

The women's team also performed impres- 
sively in 1993 by capturing tenth place in the team 
standings at the MAC championships and by contrib- 
uting to the 19 Etown medals won there. With a 
winning record of 1 wins and 8 losses, the women fell 
one victory short of tying the school's top record. 
Captains Julie Borst, Karyn Suffredini and Kelly 
Donovan provided experience and support to the rest 
of the team. 

1993 saw both teams finish higher than ever 
before in the MAC championships. Both teams battled 
tough opponents and kept their heads above water to 
blaze impressive winning records. Etown swimming 
has made quite a name for itself in 1 993 and expects 
to keep performing well in the future. 

Above: Megan Krusman awaits the gun to signal 
the start of the 200 meter backstroke. 

Top: On your mark. Get set. GO!! 

78 Sports 

Members of the 1992-93 swim team: S. 
Camilli, J. Cangialosi, M. Flynn, S. Fowler, 
J. Gallagher, J. Greenbaum, O. Kerchoff, 
J. Kondisko, G. Neufeld, N. Nusbaum, K. 
Phillips, B. Renninger, M. Schlotterbeck, 
P. Smith, E. Smits. S. Speakman, W. 
Staatsen, J. Wagner, J. Barthold, J. Borst, 
S. Distell, K. Donavan, N. Files, H. Frank, 
F. Ginter, J. Glynn, L. Hahn, M. Krusman, 
K. Landry, M. Pierantozi, A. Sargent, J. 
Schaeffer, W. Smith, K. Suffredini. 
Coach: Mike Guinivan. 


Swimming 79 

Can 't Match This 

With the arrival of spring came the appearance of 
the Elizabethtown College women's tennis team out on 
the courts and, unfortunately, heavy spring showers. 
Despite long hours spent inside because of rain, the 
women's team ended the season with a record of 6 wins 
and 3 losses. With three seniors and three freshmen in 
the top seating, the tennis team had a good combination 
of "nice experience" and "new talent." Coach Bob Schott 
has high expectations for the 1994 season and with 
good reason. The team's only losses this season were 
close and to good teams. "We have a lot of experience 
for next year," said Coach Schott. "The move to the fall 
season should help, too." At the MAC tournament, the 
Lady Jays made a strong appearance: Captain Carla 
Shoemaker made it to quarterfinal play and Andrea 
Thornton made it to the third round of competition. 
Juniorteam member Michelle Artz remembers, "It wasn't 
a dream season-the rain really took away from practice. 
But we were a team and I think everybody walked away 
with something." 


Above: Carla Shoemaker practices her front hand. 

Above & to the right: Andrea Thorton sidesteps to return a serve. 

To the right: Tennis anyone? 

80 Sports 

A member of the men's tennis team practices his serve. 

Row1: unidentified, Lisa Zimmerman. Row 2: unidentified, Andrea Thornton, 
Carla Shoemaker, Coach Bob Schott, Michelle Artz, unidentified, Deirdre 
Hendrie. Men's photo not available. 

Above: 40 - Luv. 

Tennis 81 

Below: With three balls and one strike, the batter 
tries to decide whethter or not the pitch is good 
enough to swing at. 


To the right: John Deitch 
slams a hard line drive 
into left field and makes it 
to second base safely. 

82 Sports 

Batting a Thousand 





The 1993 Elizabethtown College 
baseball team had a specatacular sea- 
son. There was no stopping these men. 
The team's record of 24 wins and 5 losses 
took them to the MAC playoffs where they 
beat both FDU-Madison and Johns 
Hopkins University. They then took the 
MAC Northwest Division title and went on 
to the NCAA playoffs. The season lasted 
into the month of May. 

With such a long season, the team 
needed unbelievable endurance, strength 
and ability, and the team proved they were 
up to the test. The team maintained a .327 
batting average. Several pitchers threw 
six shut-outs throughout the season and 
senior captain Chris Grubb pitched three 
of the six. With all of this outstanding 
talent, the team is sure to have more 
successful years ahead of them. 

Whether it was pitching, batting, fielding or base 
running, Etown always impressed the crowd. 







Z ££ 



! : I 





Baseball 83 

Rounding The Bases 

The 1 993 Softball season was a tough one for 
the Lady Jays. In the first half of the season, the 
team lost seven of their twelve. But the second half 
of the season proves that these ladies don't give up. 
Out of eleven late-season games, the team lost only 
one, but this comeback did not come soon enough 
to land the team a spot in the MAC playoffs. With a 
final record of 15 wins and 8 losses, the team 
showed that they are fighters, and they fight to win. 

Tri-captains Angie Baumer, Kim Matlack, and 
Kim Hampson led the fight all the way. They and the 
rest of the team kept their spirits up through the rocky 
start and came out winners. The team's batting 
average was an impressive .291, and both starting 
pitchers had several shut-outs each. Coach Pam 
Drazkowski said that the team learned from their 
early mistakes and turned their weak points into 
strong points. With all of its ups and downs, the 1 993 
season was certainly a memorable one. 

Above: Audry Zawislak eyes the pitch up, but decides not to 

To the right: Kim Matlack fires the ball to the catcher to warm up. 

84 Sports 

Above: Val Degler shows her stuff 
on the mound during the TG IS week- 
end game. 

To the left: Bonnie Williams pre- 
pares for the pitch. 

Softball 85 

Right on Par 

Although the golf team got off to a very late start this 
season, they seemed to make up for lost time. They played in 
several invitationals and fared pretty well. IntheirSusquehanna 
Invitational, they got eighth place out of fifteen. Captain Joe 
Shull commented that "it was our best showing all year. It gave 
us the encouragement that we needed for MACs." 

During the 1993 season, the team's momentum was 
slow and it took them a while to gain enthusiasm, but after they 
started getting into the groove of a regular season, they played 
much better. Coach Snavely commented, "Finally we're start- 
ing to get some confidence in ourselves and perform like we 
should." Snavely looks forward to the 1994 season in hopes 
that the younger players have gained confidence and experi- 
ence from the 1993 season. 

Above: Coach Royal Snavely 
watches and directs Barb Devet 
as she putts for par on hole 3. 

Above & to the right: Four! 
(Why do they say that any- 

Far right: Joe Shull shows off 
his form on the golf course. 

To the right: Doug George 
chooses his weapon and heads 
towards the course. 

86 Sports 

Intramural Action 

Aside from the more demanding 
and rigorous varsity sports at Etown, 
students have the opportunity to play 
sports with a little less pressure and a 
little less organization. The intramural 
teams are run by the team members 
and provide a good study break for both 
participants and spectators. The vari- 
ous teams included flag football, volley- 
ball, basketball, soccer and Softball. 

Golf/lntramurals 87 

All the Fun, 
All the Glory 

88 Sports 

Candids 89 

90 Sports 


' - 


• > ? J 



Candids 91 









92 Faculty 

Cornerstones are what 
hold a foundation together. 
The faculty and staff at 
Elizabethtown College are just 
that... cornerstones. 

We could not have a 
college without them to teach 
and guide the students as well 
as be open enough to learn 
from them too. 

Many faculty and staff 
have come forth this year in 
support of student concerns 
which in turn has led to closer 
relations between some. 

The 1993 faculty sec- 
tion of the yearbook was done 
a little different this year in an 
attempt to discard the boring 
mug shots and show more in- 
teraction between the faculty 
and students. 

Together the students, 
faculty and staff make Etown 
what it is today. Although most 
students move on after sev- 
eral years, many professors 
and administrators remain part 
of Etown as the Cornerstones. 

Faculty 93 

President's Office 

Row 1: President Gerhard 
Speigler. Row 2: Robert 
Odean, Bonnie Booth, 
Denise Gillin. 

Office of College Life 

Row 1: Dean Richard 
Crocker, Pat Hoffman. 
Row2: Deborah Moorhead, 
Dean Jim Hilton, Nancy 

Provost's Office 

Row 1: Provost Ritsch. 
Row 2: Dean Robert 
Wheelersburg, Jean Beck. 

Business Office 

Row 1 : Maria Horner, Nancy 
Kauffman, Helen Hossler, 
Brenda Landvater. Row 2: 
Edwin Cable, Tana Parrett, 
Delores Mertz, J. Robert 

94 Faculty 


Row 1: Susan Nitchell, 
Udochi Amachi, Sally 
Hillman-Redman. Row2: W. 
Kent Barndes, Dan Evans, 
Ron Potier. Row 3: Linda 
Heiser, Donna Kritzer, Amy 

Office of the Registrar 

Martha Eppley, Debra 
Weachter, Gloria Hess, 
Anita Paynter, Gladys Mont- 

Financial Aid 

Row 1: Pat Rathsam, Sally 
Linsey. Row 2: Gordon 
Bateman, Carol Wharton. 

Continuing Education 

Row 1: Barbara Maroney,. 
Row 2: Chris Lawson, 
Debbie Sagar, Dave Dentler, 
Susanna Grubb. 




Gloria Burke, Daniel J. 
Benny, Michael Gearhart. 

Treasurer's Office 

John Schaeffer, Helen Myers 


Row 1: Grace Rhen, Sylvia 
Morra. Row 2: Kitty Puff- 
enberger, Naomi Hershey. 
Row 3: Sharon Patrick, Carol 
Warfel, E. Margaret Gabel, 
Ruth Mumaw, Patricia Judd, 
Peter DePuydt. Row 4: 
Nelson Bard. 

Learning Center 

Shirley Deichert and student 

96 Faculty 

Chaplain's Office 

Joan Austin, Wendy Hensel. 

Health Center 

Row 1: Pat Stepanchak, 
Jeanette Ruth. Row 2: Gin- 
ger Groff, Kathy Zubik, 
Sandy Spayd. 

College Bookstore 

Mary Weidman, Keith 
Marks, Susie Kirchner. 

Post Office 

Nanette Spaulding, Mary 
Hill, Linda Boyer. 

Faculty 97 

Alumni Relations 

Julie Myers. Jerry Garland. 
Betsy Martin. 

Conference Services 

Caroline Lalvani, Angela 
Rosenbury, Jonina Dupler. 

Personal and Career 

Cindy Wilhelm-Ernharth, 
Andy Sagar. Beverly 
Piscitelli. Mary Ann Waleff. 
Doris Hedrick. 

Cafeteria Workers 

Nancy Lipka. Diane Cedorf, 
John Max, Martin Cramer, 
Linda Cramer, Linda 
Esbenshade, Sharon Stahl, 
Jane Murry, Tom Fulmer, 
Susan McSherry, Robin 
Hess, Betty J. Repko. Pat 
Hood, Nancy Beck, Arlene 
Laudenslager, Shirley Gar- 
rison, William H. Krendy, Jr., 
Jennifer Weidman. 

>rV fv?/ 


98 Faculty 

Plant Operations 

Row 1 : Shirley Shertzer, Jackie Odenwalt, Sarah Clugston, Patty Campbell, 
Deb Burkhart, Ned Neiss, Paul McLaughlin, Sam Smith, Jake Stahl. Row 
2: Martin Kreiser, Shirley Dellinger, Mel Habecker, Mark Dunn, Judy Kaylor, 
Don Longsderff, Betty Longenecker, Bryan Nissley, Dennis Halbleib. Row 
3: Kathy Fry, Judi Ritter (Mngr), Ruth Long, Anna Ruth Mark, Barry Eckinger, 
Ira Koser, Glenn Filler, Tracey Snyder, Betty Frye. Row 4: Tom Greenly, 
Larry Bekelja (Dir), Rick Becker (Mngr), Steve Deiner, John Alexander, 
Arlene Waltz, Virgie Dunkleberger, Tina Ricker. Row 5: Lorie Kassel, Steve 
Broich, Jeff Williams, Scott Nissley, Kevin Ney. Row 6: Pat Flanagan, Jack 
Keener, Judy Rodgers, Terry Cooper, Glenn Seitz, Sr., Gene Hartzler, Rick 
Sweigart, Dick Wartel, Jim Roth, Terry Miller, Baron Wanner. 



In my spare time I read Shakes- 
peare's sonnets backwards to see if 
there are demonic messages hidden 
in them." -Louis Martin 

"My favorite memory at Etown is winning the national 
championship for soccer in 1 989." -Skip Roderick 

1 00 Faculty 

"My two most embarrassing moments at Etown were 
almost passing out in front of a class the day my father 
visited and giving a class the same quiz twice after I gave 
blood" -John Teske 

Faculty 101 

"My favorite piece of artwork on campus is the statue they made of me and 
my bicycle. I just wish they had gotten the beard right!" 


102 Faculty 

"I talked to Fidel Castro on my senior high class trip to 
Washington D. C. in 1960. 

- Stanley Sutphin 

"My only bizarre hobby 
is white water pad- 
dling, but I haven't 
done much since mov- 
ing to the flatlands." 
- Nelson Bard 

Faculty 103 

"To the graduates: 
Remember, it you 
don't have a job, it's 
the economy, not 

- Richard Stone 


1 [ 





"My tavorite piece of artwork on campus is the new 
fountain and statue and camera and bike-very peace- 
ful and he never talks back or gives trouble-no matter 
what I say." 

- Leota Dye 

104 Faculty 

"My most embarrassing moment at Etown was trying to explain to other colleges 
why the cross country course has been changed for the umpteenth time. An- 
swers-Fences, construction, soccer fields, buildings..." 

- Richard Luy 

"My favorite artwork on campus is 
voices from the Distant Past. (I'm 
a Trekkie)" - James Shaner 

Faculty 105 








106 Underclassmen 

For Freshmen, Sopho- 
mores and Juniors, rolling 
along with the changes be- 
came a familiar feeling. 
Whether they were differences 
in the campus, their personal 
lives or even the world around 
them, underclassmen learned 
to deal with, if not wecome 

Freshmen probably 
faced the biggest change of all 
by entering the college scene 
while sophomore and juniors 
adapted to their developing 
campus community. However, 
by facing these changes to- 
gether, the underclassmen 
were definitely united as the 
Rolling Stones. 

Underclassmen 107 

To the right: The women's JV soccer 
team poses for a group shot. 

Below: Shorts in December? 

To the right: Time to relax and take the 
rest of the day off. 

Below: Fidel rests on the hillside by 
Thompson Gymnasium. 

To the right: Students show off their 
talent in the fall play. 

108 Underclassmen 

To the left: Ober residents try starting a mud- 
wrestling team at Etown. 

Below: "Anyone seen my paint can" 

Above: Some people will do anything to get 
out of going to class. 

To the left: PILLOW FIGHT!!! 


Underclassmen 109 


Brinser. Etown'sonly all male resi- 
dence hall, is full of spice and life. What do 
you expect when you put 137 males to- 
gether in close living quarters. The resi- 
dence hall has calmed down some since 
Tina Hill became head resident, but work- 
ing together, they have made Brinser a 
truly unique place to live. 


Jeremy McGuire, 
Kevin Pugh. Scott 
Esworthy. Harry Heck- 


Sitting: Kevin Pugh (RA). Row 1: Brian 
DeFilippis, John Colella. Row 2: Kevin 
Schmalenbergr, Robb Ellis, Milan Martin, 
Tim Richardson, Glenn Nolfeld, Rob 
McManus, Jim Love. 


Row1: Tom Geisler, Grant Gegwich, Damon 
Parrish, Andy Dondero Gary Sprengel, Joe 
Guarino.unidntified. Row2: Brandon, Chuck 
Hartsell, Doug Windell. Jim Milbrandt, Frank 
Fierro, Dan Washburn. Row 3: Jeremy 
Casey, Jamie Andy, Karl Uftring, Josh 
Sprinkle, J. Morrin, Scott Esworthy (RA), 
Brett Miller, unidentified, Chris Morris. 

Etown men head for 
class after lunch. 

110 Underclassmen 


Row 1: Walter Kunisch, Tony Guerrera, 
Brian McCall, Joseph Guarino, Todd Gingrich. 
Row 2: Ron de las Alas, Rob Spencer, 
Andrew Ritchey, Jon Hendl, Robert Sevret, 
Chris Palmer, unidentified, Christof Majoor. 


Row 1 : Jeremy Kinsey, Clinton Shifflet, Chuck 

Greiner, Greg Enders. Row 2: Scott 

McCaughey, Harry Heckler, Jr. (RA), Bill 



Sitting: TimMcHamess. Sitting: ErikWochok, 
Eric Schwartz, Tim Kulas, Jeremy McGuire 
(RA). Standing: Gary Harner, Jeff DuBosq. 

Far left: "Cheese." 

To the left: Rebecca and 
Glenn cuddle in the hall- 
way of Brinser. 

Brinser 111 

Row1: Jennifer Schork. Christa Arscott, 
Danielle Tully, Gina Hunsicker (RA), Eileen 
Studders, Daniela Mollar. Row 2: Ann 
Pichiarello, Alyssa Hummel. Tracie Faux, 
Susan Back, Amanda Cox. Darlene 
Robinson, Maria Kipp. 


Row 1: Mark Kraenbring, Richard Lucas, 
Tami Ritchey, Mike Burke, Amy Renninger. 
Dana Innerst (RA). Row 2: Holly Marie 
Morin, Mark A. Clapper, Mark Antonio, 
Rebecca Trimmer, Sean Hengst, Jessica 
Lester, Meg Mowrer, Laura K. Spink, Tina 
Yingling. Row 3: Tara Sabo, Jeffrey Hibbert, 
Susan Van Stratum, Raymond Hall, Heidi 
Boyer, Rebecca Bechtel, Melissa Mirkovich. 

Row 1: Franklyn Marzullo, Erika Fisher, 
Natalie Weiss, Helene Winchell, Lisa Maher, 
Tammy Hayes. Row 2: Rob Ulmer, Kevin 
Schwebel, John Leaman (RA), Mark Erdman, 
Kristyn McCann, Allison Nogami, Nicole 
Concodora, Barbara Turnbaugh. 


Row 1: Julie Heffner, Gina Hunsiker, Chris- 
tine Fosko, April Gandy, Dana Innerst, Kirsten 
Akehurst. Row2: Dave Rich, NickGuarente, 
John Leaman, Ken Jacob, Dan Degler. 

112 Underclassmen 

I \ I 


gg I The 300+ men and women of Founders Residence Hall had 

|H an interesting year. The residents were treated by Founders RLC to 
n a Mexican dinner in the main lounge. Many floors became very close 
because of the social programming efforts done by their RAs; 
brunches and hall dinners were well attended. The residents were 
finally given their lounge back when the weekend dances were 
moved to the new BSC addition; new furnishing made the Founders 
lounge look like a lounge again. The substance free floor was a new 
addition this year, and the members made plans to promote living on 
their floor for following years. The rest of the building developed a 
sense of community that should continue in the coming years. 


Lying Across: Megan Matthews. Row 1: 
Christine Fosko (RA), Alasondra Novinger, 
Heather MacMillan, RichelleWolcott. Row 2: 
Karen Herbert, Jenny Rogers, Mary Griffiths. 
Row 3: Janet Gauger, Diana Williams, 
Adrianne McClendon. 


Lying Across: Pat Smith Row 1: Aric 
Pederson, Andrew Spragg, Lisa Frain, Maria 
Russo, Amy Moyer. Row 2: Gregg Young, 
Michael Wise, Kim Watkeys, Josh Fegley. 
April Gandy (RA), Jennifer McCleaf, Sherry 
Weaver. Row 3: Chris Walker, Brian Falck, 
Mike Bellarmino. Row 4: Jason Folk, Harry 
Barnes, Mike Balichik, Chris Moyer. Heather 
Sheldon, Lisa McDonald, Allison Poore. 


Row 1: Julie Heffner (RA), 

Maria Falcocchio, Jenn Loftus. Meghan 
Krus-man, Nicole Donze, Christine DeLong. 
JenniferBowman. Row2: Kelly Jo McMurtrie, 
Carolyn Reiter, Stephanie Miller. Kara 
Battavio, Jennifer Freisinger, Jennifer Miller. 
Row 3: Julie Boring, Megan Gehringer. 
Meredith Baldino Row 4: Shelly Simon, 
Teresa Ritchie, Melissa McClain, Ayelet 
Rosenfeld, Martha Warner. Beth Robinson. 

Founders 113 



Lying Across: Dan Christian. Row 1: Dan 
Degler (RA), Joseph Eckstein, Dave Lance, 
Mike Burke, Mike Hofmann, Robert 
Alexander, Patrick Laphen. 


Row 1: Aleisha Shanbarger, Meredith 
Lockard, Dawn Deise, Shanda Holland, Leslie 
Fetter, Jenniter Straub, Holly Benner, Jeneen 
Rutan. Row 2: Ellen Marr, Meredith 
Nicholson, Sue Kelley, Megan Betz, Wendy 
Majkowski, Heather Howell, Karen Herbert. 
Row 3: Amy Watson, Jenn P. Forney, Erin V. 
Markley, Jess L. Gensler, Jen A. Kimmel, 
Megan A. Miller. 


Row 1: Scott Sheppard. Row 2: James 
Blythe, Debra Ann Martins, Tiffany 
Cummings, Scott Grossman, Dave Rich (RA), 
John Murray, Becky Smith, Mark Behringer. 
Row 3: Alison Graybill, Brenda Smearman, 
Angie Mellot, Jen Weeks, Tim Guhl. Row 4: 
Rachel Albright, Samantha Hess, Jill Moyer, 
Linda Lawrence, Cheryl Cinkutis, Nicole 
Garrett, Crissy Stem, Tricia Hagedorn, Todd 
Eicker, Pete Wolfrom, Mike Reddig, Ian 

114 Underclassmen 


Melissa Rolstad, Tammy Muff, Joann 
Grabowski, Denise Mastrogiovanni, Scott 
King, Lisa Tarsi (RA), Kelly Keane, Wendi 
Greenleaf, Jessica Phillips. 


Row 1 : Heather Bowditch, Christine Eberle, 
Karen LeVan, Donna Winter, JimmyCordery, 
Tony Shiflett, Heidi Perry, Linda Kolo, Michelle 
Sleighter. Row 2: Kerstin Sinclair, Erin Klitz, 
Andrew J. Mohr, Steven Sinkway, Michelle 
English, Clayton Griffith, Scott Miller, Eddie 
Savino, Rich Bagenstose. 


Row 1: Chris Colabella, Derik Kauffman, 
Chad Corley, Mike Scharfenberger, John 
Hicks, Ferd Bikle IV, Ken Jacob, Jr. (RA). 
Row 2: Beth Shapson, Lena Poff, Erin 
Zavada, Coleen Chicalese, Allison "Hole" 
Leffler, Mike Bardzik, (The Hulkster), Paul 
Chell, Betsy Thomas, Tom Saurer. Row 3: 
Brad Baer, Mike "Schlitz" Rubinkam, Joe 
Kondisko, Liz Aigner, Emily Cutler, Kris Reap, 
Steve Tomas, Becky Struble, Matt Hueting. 

Left: "Yeah, Mom. I'm 
studying hard. Can't you 

Right: A letter from 
home? The Wednesday 
at 10 notice? Or dust 

Founders 115 


Row 1 : Lauren Thiede. Jen Tinder. Heather 
Willey. Michele Calabrese, Krista Beach, Amy 
Sargent. Row 2: Stacy Freeman (RA), 
Melanie Alderfer. 


Row 1 : Erin Whitney, Kelly Jackson, Kerianne 
Homza, Amy Pierce. Row 2: Karen Smith, 
Tracy Gilbert, Mindi Kensinger (RA), Charise 
Wilson, Kelly Keeney. Row3: LynnWischner, 
Patty Hartman, Christine Hannigan, Colleen 
Bol, Natalie Stephan, Amy Guyotte, Aimee 


Row 1: Becky Salko, Kim Kaunitz, Karen 
Koskowicz, Amy Keich. Row 2: Colleen 
Leonard, Barbara Fussaro, Beth Gerber, 
Gayla Love, Michelle Bixler, Jen Wyman 
(RA), Becky Price. Row 3: Christa Foster, 
AmyMastran.DeanaMaguire, Jenny Allegra, 
Heather Haldelman, Jessie Nalpathanchil, 
Dana Malley, Monica Lindsey. Row 4: 
Candace Clements, Jennifer Drezga, Heidi 
Trexler, Sue Hyman. 


Row 1: Sue Burkhouse, 
Stacy Freeeman. Row 2: 
Jen Wyman, Andrea 
Simon, Jill Hathaway, 
Mindi Kensinger. 

Left: Karen Smith and 
Kelly Jackson marvel at 
the year's first snowfall. 
Little did they know that 
the Blizzard of '93 was yet 

116 Underclassmen 


The Residence Life Staff in Myer and Preservation worked 
hard to establish a sense of real community in their residence halls. 
The residents participated in activities like Pumpkin Pals and Secret 
Santas. All the halls participated in the campus-wide Christmas 
Decorating Contest. A building-wide relaxation program was held as 
a stress reliever. The Residence Life Council sponsored a "pumpkin- 
gram" fundraiser at Halloween and met throughout the year with 
members of Residence Life. Professors and students alike attended 
a "Thursday at 4:00" gathering in the Presidential Lounge during the 
first semester to enjoy cake and socializing. In the spring, Myer women 
were involved in many intellectual, cultural, and occupational pro- 
grams. Overall, it was a very good year for these residents. 


Row 1 : Stacy Koll, Laurie O'Hop, Amy Matas. 
Row 2: Debbie Mull, Wendy Starr, Inga 
Mountain, Mary Miller, Patricia Winon. Row 
3: Becky Donecker, Kate Jones, Heather 
Rauch, Heather Jacobson, Elizabeth Heiser, 
Angie Heffner. Row 4: Jody Much, Zoey 
Schnure, Tracy Varano, Tanya Stevens, 
Heather Showalter, Ann Madden. Back: 
Andrea Simon (RA). 


Row 1 : Arlisa Snavely, Voula Kyriakopoulos, 
Jennifer Baker, Kristen Niedbala, Wendy 
Smith, Kim Lehto, Melanie Byers. Row 2: 
Jeannette Visco, Brooke Allison, Sheri Miller, 
Laurie Strehl, Sue Burkhouse (RA), Sarah 
Cornell, Shannon Kelly. Row 3: Christy 
Donmoyer, Marimba Winston, Donna 
Mackowiak, Tawn Schulze, Stacey Beard, 
Rebecca Meloy, Jessica Boothroyd, Kim 


Row 1: Nur Dewi, Heather Lynch, Michelle 
Lenig, Wendi Hutchinson, Amy Trexler, Jill 
Hathaway (RA). Row 2: Michelle Papeika, 
April Sielski, Danielle Hotko, Jennifer Poinsett. 
Gisele Rinaldi, Hope Lance, Juliana Mwila. 

Myer/Preservation 117 


Ober is one of two co-ed residence 
halls and is conveniently and centrally located 
on campus. On each floor, there are two 
wings, one for women and one for men, which 
are connected by a center lobby. The lobby is 
the place where residents come to relax, battle 
each other in pool or ping pong, or just watch 
television. Each hall also has its own lounge 
for studying orrelaxing with friends. Everytwo 
weeks, RAs meet with the members of their 
hall to discuss upcoming events. 


Lying across: Ron Swantner. Row1: Ethan 
Haase, Lance Beck, Phil Piercy, Jeremy 
Shipley, James Greenbaum, Joe Cangialosi, 
Chris Clauser, Mike Beal. Row 2: Shawn 
Reynolds (RA), Tim Berg, Joe Guber, Bran- 
don Parker. 


Row 1 : Brian Frost, Eric Dauter, Pat Walsh, 
Marco Giancroce, Travis Ciriaco. Row 2: 
Mark Makary, Andy Roach, Chris Lowe, Todd 
Frysinger. Row 3: Steve Camilli, Eric Lane, 
Steven Weidman, Michael Conway, Eric Lind, 
John Wolf, John Pluswick, Dave Zachary, 
Gary Landis, Stephen Zimmerman. 


Row 1: Eva Jansiewicz, Patti Bolanowski, 
Abbie Stoler, Beth Douty. Row 2: Tess 
Hoffman, Joy Springer, Stephanie Wullert, 
Catherine Lord, Alexandra Rivera, Sarah 
Wolfrom, Amy Cummings, Shirley Savage. 
Row 3: MaryAnne Evan, Christy DeMaio, 
Kim Hannigan, Carrie Cirincione, Patti Moyer, 
Nancy Davidson, Katie Knox. Row 4: Heidi 
Metzger. Chris Fierro (RA), Laura Nelson. 


Lying across: 


Reynolds. Row 

1: Susan Banlig, 



Christine Fierro. 

Row 2: Scott 


Griffiths, Augie 


118 Underclassmen 


Row 1 : Steve Schultz, Jason Ford. Row 2: 
Jared Stehr, Justin Barbush. Row 3: Pat 
Pietrefesa, Creighton Faust (RA), Brian Mar- 
tin, Chris Stelatella, Frank Rhode, Eric 


Row 1: Lisa Kovel, Susan Albright, Linda 
Walker, Marissa Kepner, Jayme Greth. Row 
2: Pam Knight, Janice Mejury, Christine 
Schirmer, Sue Bannan, Denise Gunderman, 
Liza Hahn. Row 3: Jean Napoliello, Kara 
Burkett, Collette Modres, Jessica Sypniewski, 
Andrea Coucoulas (RA), Krysta Randies, 
Amy Hite, Shannon Leonhard. 


Row 1: Frank Weaver, Phil D'Adderio, Eric 
Smith, Tim Jones, Denis Clarke. Row 2: Leif 
Bergman, Brian Gallagher, Doug Hess, Alec 
Belsky. Row 3: Steve Murren, Dave Schlegel, 
Matt Garrison, Michael Griffiths, Kevin Runk, 
Barry Philips, Ken Williams, Nick Musmanni, 
Timothy Dillet. 


Row 1: Teri Taschner, Michelle Troutman. 
Jamie Kocher, Bridget Baird, Charlotte 
LeFevre, Betsy Pahl. Row 2: Susan Baulig, 
Tammy Ireland, Kelly Donovan, Amita Mehta, 
Jean Barthold, Christan Cassidy, Dee Smith, 
Maura Munley, Sue Richie. Row 3: Heather 
Bard, Karen Zyznewski, Sandi Robinson, 
Kristen Magenbuch, Amanda Appplegate. 
Rebecca Carlson, Kim Smith, Jessica Carlton, 
Bobbi Simpkins, Sue Orrs, Michele Jackson. 

Ober 119 


Row 1 : Violet Mastellone. Tracie Danzeisen. 
Row 2: Sarah Wilcke, Monica Kidd (RA), 
Laura Phillips. Row 3: Karen Rosetti, Kristen 
DiMatteo, Lisa Zimmerman. Row 4: Ken 
Killeen, Jen Fouchet. Carrie Uhlig. 


Row 1 : Lori Rauer, Kristen Power, Liza 
Kiscaden. Megan O'Brien, Heather Green. 
Row 2: Carol Schappell, Kelly Zweibel, 
Martha Ladd, Beth Havener (RA), Kristie 
Wise. Row3: Rhonda Millin.ShantiConners. 


Row 1: Pam Hodson, Cathy Plane, Kathy 
Mair (RA), Jennie Wydra, Alison Kerr. Row 2: 
Monica Byington, Amy Piazza, Carol de 
Souza Costa, Kathy Bezdziecki, Mireia 
Pareta, Jennifer Lynn. 


Row 1: Heidi M. Friedman, Jennifer 

Jaskowiak, Michelle Snyder, Diana 

Summerson. Row2: Holly Richardson, Julie 

Russack, Tara Brady, Sandy Hartman (RA). 

Row 3: Beth Bacon, Bekki Dailey, Shally 


120 Underclassmen 


Walking through the center doors of Royer this year and 
turning toward the North end, attention was directed to a large, colorful 
declaration; "We chose to live in Royer!" And why not? Despite a few 
challenges, (a broken heat sensor which kept setting the fire alarm off 
and a "slight" problem with tree roots in the pipes) it was a great year 
to live in Royer. There were various events throughout the year, such 
as a political forum, a demo on cooking easy, healthy snacks, various 
trips, and the one ever-popular "Screw Your Roommate" evening. 
Royer as a whole had a Christmas social and a volleyball tournament. 
It was definitely an exciting year to be a resident of Royer. 


Row 1 : Michelle Principe, Gretchen Yeager, 
Ginger Wallace, Christal Deeter. Row 2: 
Cheryl Christopher, Charlene Silvestro, Lisa 
LaPorte(RA),AlisciaShafer, Kristin Hoffman, 
Colleen Schmehl. Row 3: Susan Swann, 
Kristen Feshler, Jayanna Kopp, Tracy Berner. 


Row 1: Barbara Devet, Christy Fullerton. 
Row 2: Becky Merritt, Stacy OToole, Aileen 
Mansueto, Jill Major. Row 3: Heather Hoag, 
Lori Jones, Dana Milliron, Crystal Mills, Chris- 
tine Westerlund, Carin Andersson. 


Row1: Beth Havener, Monica Kidd, Michelle 
Principe (HR), Kathy Mair. Row 2: Lisa 
LaPorte, Sandy Hartman. 

Royer 121 


Schlosser started out the year rebelling against its mold as a 
quiet building, with an open forum and a lively discussion concerning 
its noise level. The halls bonded through programs which included a 
trip to the New Jersey shore and a finals stress release workshop. In 
the spring, the building held a program entitled "One Peace at a Time" 
featuring various Schlosser residents sharing expressions of peace. 
Programs varied from nutrition to rape awareness. Schlosser resi- 
dents enjoyed many Hall Council sponsored events including a TV 
night, a date rape program, an ice cream social and a game night. 
Throughout the year the women of Schlosser strived to construct their 
own sense of community within their halls and throughout the building. 


Row 1 : Becki Stephens, Laurie Kasper, Dana 
Secor, KristySavidge, Wilbur (pumpkin), Sue 
Niezgoda, Julie Betz, Jodi Esten. Row 2: 
Kimberly Jones, Karen Myers, Emily Metcalf, 
Tina Smith, Caty Oiler, Faith Ginter, Wendy 
Chilcoat, Sue Markey. Row 3: Kara Nigro, 
Sue Kirouac (RA), Michelle Lee Kozimor, 
Sue Barstow, Michele Wolfgang, Sheila 
Landis, Jennifer Gottheld, Michelle Betoni, 
Amanda Richards. 


Row 1: Tonya Goughler, Angela Tyree, Liz 
Koury, Athena Mountis, Carolyn Taylor, Jen- 
nifer Bard, Stacey Gehrig, Angela Valentine. 
Row 2: Margaret Felske, Hope Puro. Denise 
Miller, Becky Readinger, GinaSpicknall, Jen- 
nifer Readinger, Teri Campbell, Michelle 
Weitzel, Heidi Frank. Row 3: Kelly Burk, 
Beth Markle(RA), Liz Karvelis, Laurie Melson, 
Dawn McKinney, Amy Bowers, Elizabeth 
Grace, Stephanie Distell. Row 4: Kati Miller, 
Jan Althouse, Brandy Paul, Jennifer Scholl. 



Row 1 : Noelle Heinhold, Janet Krapf, Jenn 
Roddy. Caterina Grieco, Claudia Natali, Amy 
Lyons. Row 2: Jacqueline Bartell. Kati 
Ridgely, Jen Bankard, Beth Foster, Diana 
Faust, Pam Stiner. Row 3: Melissa Morgan, 
Karyn Suffredini, Lore Lamoreaux, Christine 
Nichols, Beth Whelan, Michelle Baker (HR). 
Back: Nicole Files (RA). 


jj4 i 

fS ^ w\F 


U ^4 wL 

1 \BT 5t*tI 



■ sLjA 1 

jj 1 1 1 



122 Underclassmen 

Schlosser residents admire themselves in 
last year's Conestogan that they picked up at 
the midway during Homecoming. 

3- East 

Row 1 : Elizabeth Rohrer, Marisa Bowman, 
Louise Mound, Laura Niclaus, Jennifer 
Bentzel, Heather Wingenroth. Row 2: Kris 
Snook, Laura Gilligan, Kristen Knepp, Jenni- 
fer Hahn, Julie O'Donnell. Row 3: Katherine 
Straneva, Melissa Bush, Katrina Lape, 
Doreen Callaghan, Maria Ocone, Jen 
Reedman. Row4: Pam Firkal, Tricia Hardick 
(RA), Melissa Bonadonna, Melanie Davis, 
Jane Petko, Michelle Hummer. 


Row 1 : Jennifer Gebhart, Christal Deeter, 
Stacy Hicks, Tracy Berner, Roberta Moore 
(RA). Row 2: Michelle Artz, Katie Friling, 
Leslie Nichols, Sherri Koontz, Rebecca Rege. 
Row 3: Maryellen Pierantozzi, Natalie 
Eshelman, Trisha Campbell, Angie Haas. 
Row 4: Mimi Zygote, Wendy Lamb. Kathleen 
Wagner, Shannon Finnegan. Row5: Denise 
Baylor, Ann Hueser, Marcy Troutman, Stacey 
Knerr, Jennifer Grady, Beth Sabaka. 




Row1: Michelle Baker. 
Tricia Hardick, Roberta 
Moore, Beth Markle. 
Row 2: Nicole Files, 
Sue Kirouac. 

Right: Kelly Burk and 
Gina Spiknall are happy 
to have a break. 

Schlosser 123 


"Wait! Where did this 
callcomefrom? I didn't 
call overseas. Did 



Row1: Jodie Weaver, Amy Williams Row 2: 

Marcy Stanson, Jen Walter, Alyssa Metz, Patti 



Row 1: Anly Liu, Mike Mohr, Joe Knatski, 
Skip Simpson Row 2: Matt Schildkncht, 
Gregg Troutman, Dustin Paddock, Drew 
Whitmore, Greg Mann 


Row 1: Lawson Chishimba, Danijela Milic, 

Gresher Musudira, Donald Lewis 

124 Underclassmen 

A group of girls head to class on a cold winter day. 


Underclassmen 125 

Above: People come from all over the world to go to 
Etown College. 

To the right: Etown women hang out together on a 
Friday night. 

126 Underclassmen 

To the left: Michelle Wolfgang loads her laundry basket in her 
to take home to mom. 

„ Below: The best way to leave messages for someone is on 
their board, but the hard part is finding a pen. 


4 . 


m •. 

/ 1 

JH 1 



ilwfcjPS^ « D\kM.H\\\; 


fell. •=» 


^^^BM VI ^^K^A 



-=Mt fll«i 

Above & to the left: 
Studying hard or 
hardly studying? 

To the left: 
Founders D-2 men 
get ready to go to 
the Thanksgiving 

Candids 127 




128 Seniors 

The 1993 senior class 
has seen many changes 
throughout theiryears at Etown 
and their final year was no 

Throughoutthe lastfour 
years, the seniors have seen 
the addition of the High Li- 
brary, the new BSC annex and 
the senior quads, the renova- 
tion of Zug, the tearing down of 
Rider and the strength of a 
united class. 

The class of 1993, was 
the first to move into the senior 
townhouses which were built 
in response to the changing 
needs of upperclassmen. 

Although the quads 
were a nice alternative, many 
seniors still preferred off cam- 
pus housing and needless to 
say, were not afraid to voice 
their opinions and in turn were 
granted permission. 

With the growth and 
maturity that come with being 
at college for several years it is 
no wonder that seniors are A 
Step Ahead of the Rest. 

Seniors 129 

Heidi Adams 

Business Administration 

Michael Ahern 

Social Studies 

Marc W. Ahrens 


Melanie Alderfer 


Eric Allen 

Business Administration 

Kevin J. Akerman 

Bus. Admin/Marketing 

Maria A. Amatucci 


Roberta Lynn Andrews 

Elementary Education 

Melinda K. Apple 

Elementary Education 

Scott L. Applegate 

Business Administration 

Laura K. Baboian 

Elementary Education 

Jo-Anne E. Baisden 

Psychology/Bus. Admin. 

130 Seniors 

Michelle L. Baker 
Angela Renee Balmer 
Occupational Therapy 
Elizabeth A. Barnes 
Occupational Therapy 

Stephen C. Barnes 

Bus. Adm/Mktg & Mngt 

Jennifer L. Baumbach 


Leslie Anne Bedwick 

Bus. Adm/Mktg 

Lori E. Bentzel 
Elementary Education 
Faye Betsker 
Business Administration 
Piyush Bhatnagar 

Traci Bidle 

Occupational Therapy 
Alison Lorine Billoni 
Donald W. Blyler III 
Business Administration 

Seniors 131 

Angela M. Boblick 

Elementary Education 

Kristine M. Bombaro 

Biology/Physical Thpy 

Julie L. Borst 


Donald A. Boulanger 

Occupational Therapy 

John P. Boylan 

Bus. Adm/Mrktg 

Ami-Jo Brocato 

Elementary Education 

Kevin L. Bruegger 

Business Administration 

Susan M. Butch 


Jennifer L. Carbaugh 

Occupational Therapy 

Mary L. Cardamone 

Elementary Education 

Lynn M. Chatterton 


Sandra L. Childs 

Occupational Therapy 

132 Seniors 

Casi H. Clocker 
Jennifer L. Coates 
Occupational Therapy 
Tracy-Ann Coco 

Paul Joseph Coiella 


Lisa K. Coleman 

Elementary Education 

Heather D. Conway 

Elementary Education 

Linda K. Cook 
Early Childhood Ed. 
Andrea J. Coucoulas 
Elementary Education 
Amanda S. Cushman 

Debra L. Cyr 
Elementary Education 
Elissa L. Czetli 
Occupational Therapy 
Teri Davis 

Seniors 133 

Maria T. de las Alas 

Bus. Adm/Management 

Elizabeth Ruth Dean 

English/Prof. Writing 

Frank J. DeAngelis 



Christine L. Dechert 

Occupational Therapy 


Michelle R. Degler 



John R. Deitch 



Elizabeth J. DeLong 

Early Childhood Ed. 

Eric M. DelViscio 

Bus. Adm/Economics 

Elizabeth A. DeRamus 

Social Work 

Kristin M. Dewald 

Elementary Education 

Pamela G. Diaz 

Bus. Adm/Management 

Denise L. Diehl 

Computer Science/BIS 

134 Seniors 

Danielle L. DiMarco 
Bus. Adm/Marketing 
Pamela L. Doerr 
Elementary Education 
Denise Dorman 
Social Work 

Dana Dorrell 

Nicholas F. Duchesne 
Barbara G. Dulin 

Krista D. Eagler 
Occupational Therapy 
Steven D. Eberly 
Karen Enright 

Aleij Eshelman 
Scott A. Esworthy 
Meaghan Ettl 

Seniors 135 

Jennifer L Fidler 

English/Prof. Writing 

Madeline M. Fieldhouse 


Keri L. Fielding 


Pamela S. Fillebrown 

Early Childhood Ed. 

Amy S. Fink 


Joyce M. Fisher 

Occupational Therapy 

Beth A. Fletcher 

Elementary Education 

Heather L. Florin 


Nicole L. Ford 

Business Administration 

136 Seniors 

Tisha D. Frank 

Bus. Adm/Management 

Stacy E. Freeman 


Kerry S. Freese 

Bus. Adm/Fin.. CS. BIS 

William E. Friedmann 
Philip B. Gale 
Social Studies 
John J. Gallagher III 

Carla A. Gallo 
Occupational Therapy 
Christine J. Garabrant 
Holly Jo Garner 
Business Administration 

Timothy M. Gebhardt 
Jere L. Geib Jr. 
Douglas A. George 
Business Administration 

Seniors 137 

Stephanie E. Gibson 


Jennifer A. Glynn 

Occupational Therapy 

Amy E. Goodling 


Lawrence F. Gray, Jr. 

English/Prof. Writing 

Jennifer L. Green 


Laura M. Greger 


Charles E. Greiner 

Social Studies 

Molly J. Griest 

Music Therapy 

Marcus E. Grimm 


Mitchell W. Groh 
Elementary Education 
Gregory J. Grohotolski 
Computer Science/BIS 
Gretchen E. Gross 
Occupational Therapy 

138 Seniors 

Marci B. Grossman 


Jennifer A. Gryckiewicz 


Nicholas J. Guarente 

Elementary Education 

Gwyn M. Habingreither 
Charles P. Hackett 
Jeff J. Hall 

Tara L. Hamilton 
Occupational Therapy 
David H. Hancock 
B. Jill Hathaway 
Psych./Eng. Education 

Heather A. Hauer 

Occupational Therapy 

Thomas R. Hecker 


Harry L. Heckler, Jr. 

Political Science 

Seniors 139 

Deidre A. Hendrie 


Eileen Marie Henry 

Occupational Therapy 

Kathryn E. Hensinger 

Elementary Education 

Tammy L. Hershberger 

English/Prof. Writing 

Erik R. Hess 

Business Administration 

Suzanne E. Hile 


Chad R. Hoffman 

Mathematics & Psych 

Kimberly A. Hoffman 

Bus. Adm/Marketing 

Brian L. Holby 


140 Seniors 


Elizabeth D. Holran 
Soc/'a/ Work 
Danielle A. Hotko 
Early Childhood Ed. 
Jennifer L. Hubler 
Early Childhood Ed. 

Stacy S. Hubley 
Elementary Education 
William F. Hudson 
Business Administration 
Jennifer L. Hull 
Biology Education 

Wendi A. Hutchinson 

Elementary Education 

Amy Hyde 

Bus. Adm/Marketing 

Dana R. Innerst 


Julie A. Innerst 
Occupational Therapy 
Linda A. Ireland 
Kenneth A. Jacob, Jr. 

Seniors 141 

Wendy G. Jacobs 


j^^Bfe v ■£ • 

Edward W. Johnson 



Sabrina L. Johnson 

Occupational Therapy 

Stacy L. Kain 

Occupational Therapy 

David C. Karli 


David M. Kashweka 



Laurie A. Kasper 

Biology/Allied Health 

Todd M. Keagy 

Business Administration 

Brian Charles Keller 


Marwick T. Khumalo 


Matthew A. Kindon 

Elementary Education 

Jason D. Kirkwood 

Elementary Education 

142 Seniors 

Susan L. Kirouac 
Occupational Therapy 
Tracy Kiwak 
English Education 
Kimberly J. Kling 
Business Administration 

Jennifer L. Kmieczak 
Michele Kozimor 
English/Lit. & Sociology 
Jessica L. Krentzman 
English Literature 

Katherine Marie Krufka 
Early Childhood Ed. 
Angela L. Kuspa 
Early Childhood Ed. 
Stephanie Anne Lander 
Bus. Adm/Fin. Mngt 

Lisa A. LaPorte 
Denise R. Large 
Jodie L. LaVare 
Social Work 

Seniors 143 

Michelle L. Lenig 

Elementary Education 

Jayne M. Lesh 

Elementary Education 

Donald Thomas Lewis 

Actuarial Science 

Allison D. Leytham 

English/Prof. Writing 

Aaron S. Lichtenwalner 


Natisha E. Maclay 

Political Science 

144 Seniors 

Megan Maguire 
Bus. Ad/Mngt & Mrktg 
Kathleen L. Mair 
Sharon Joy Manley 

Rebecca J. Margolin 
Elementary Education 
Elizabeth M. Markle 
Wendy Celeste Marsh 
Chemistry Education 

Kimberly A. Martin 
Elementary Education 
Rodney L. Martzall 
Colleen Matejicka 

Kimberly A. Matlack 
Elementary Education 
Wendy Leigh Matthews 
Engish/Prof. Writing 
Ray T. McClain 

Seniors 145 

Lisa S. McDonald 


Jeremy R. McGuire 

Business Administration 

Cynthia L. McHarness 


Kelly F. Melcher 


Penny L. Miller 


Rosemary E. Miller 

Social Work 

Daniel D. Mink 

Occupational Therapy 

Susan M. Mitschang 

Elementary Education 

Jeannine E. Modres 

Biology '/Pre-Med 

Michael J. Monsell 


Vicky P. Moyer 

Social Work 

Christine A. Muller 

Bus. Ad/Management 

146 Seniors 

Brenda J. Munro 
Business Administration 
Amy E. Murray 
Business Administration 
Paul J. Muschick 

Cheryl L. Myers 
Business Administration 
Karen A. Myers 
Bus. Ad/Management 
Robert Napoli 

Tami L Noll 
Mary-Kate A. O'Brien 
Elementary Education 
Terry Lynn Oberst 
English/Prof. Writing 

Michelle J. Obuhanick 
English Education 
Marc V. Olson 
Kimberly Ann Overby 
Elementary Education 

Seniors 147 

Nicki R. Overholt 

Business Administration 

Brian J. Panella 

Business Administration 

Michelle B. Papeika 

Political Science 

Chere Parton 


Rachana M. Patel 

Business Administration 

Ravi E. Patel 


Paula J. Patton 

English/Prof. Writing 

Eric D. Paules 

Computer Science 

Mark S. Peake 


Bret Gerald Pental 

Elementary Education 

Heidi L. Perry 


Erin R. Peterhaensel 

Elementary Education 


Dawn Pinand 
Glenn C. Plott, Jr. 
Computer Science 
Jennifer L. Poinsett 
Elementary Education 

Allison L. Poore 
Tara M. Postens 
Occupational Therapy 
Jennifer L. Prim 

Michelle M. Principe 
Elementary Education 
Dennis J. Puleo 
English Education 
Tracy llene Raine 
Elementary Education 

Karen J. Ramsay 
Occupational Therapy 
Peter J. Rath 
Business Administration 
Rebecca M. Readinger 

Seniors 149 

Pamela S. Reeh 

Occupational Therapy 

R. Eric Reinbold 

Social Studies 

Michelle A. Reiner 

English/Prof. Writing 

Brian C. Renninger 

Business Administration 

David G. Rich 

Business Administration 

Amy L. Richards 


William C. Ridenhour 


Amy J. Rieck 

Occupational Therapy 

Jennifer L. Riley 

Elementary Education 

Gisele M. Rinaldi 

Early Child/El. Ed. 

Kathleen M. Roberts 


Christina A. Rogers 

Political Science 

150 Seniors 

Cynthia J. Rogers 
Occupational Therapy 
Christopher M. Roscoe 
Angela S. Rosenberry 
Political Science 

Kevin James Rough 


Sean M. Rowe 

Ma the ma tics/A ctua ry 

Barbara Jean Russo 


Maria K. Russo 
Matthew C. Sahd 
Amy Fay Salmon 
Business Administration 

Debra A. Salvador 
Political Science 
Amanda R.Sanford 
English/L iter a ture 
Dennis A. Saric 

Seniors 151 

Richard L. Saulle 


Katherine E. Savare 

Music Education 

Jacqueline M. Schiavoni 


Theresa L. Schultz 
Early Child/El. Ed. 
Kevin G. Schuman 

Keto K. Segwai 


Carla Nielle Shoemaker 

Occupational Therapy 

Scott A. Shuck 


Joseph A. Shull 


Carol A. Siekierka 


April L. Sielski 

Business Administration 

Matthew J. Simmons 

Political Science 

Alt fife 

152 Seniors 

Andrea L. Simon 
Music Therapy 
Elizabeth Sinno 
John Keir Skiles 
Political Science 

Douglas E. Smith 
Eric C. Smith 
Computer Science 
Jennifer L. Smith 
History & Poll. Science 

Michelle L. Steeley 
Scott H. Stenger 
Leah A. Stevens 
English/Prof. Writing 

Julie L. Stoehr 
Laurie M. Stoltzfus 
Bus. Ad/Management 
Karen L. Story 
Bus. Ad/Mrktg, Mngt 

Seniors 153 

Anthony J. Suozzo 

Political Science 

Brandie L. Tallman 


John J. Teoli 

Bus. Ad/Management 

Andrea E. Thornton 


Trina D. Tillman 


Piotr Tonia 


Frank J. Torre 

English/Prof. Writing 

Allison M. Travas 

Social Studies 

Tricia L. Treaster 

Elementary Education 

Amy L. Trexler 


Stephanie J. Turnbull 

Occupational Therapy 

Angela Noelle Valentine 


154 Seniors 

Kathleen Wagner 
Early Child/El. Ed. 
Patrick M. Walsh 
English/L itera ture 
Bradley D. Walter 
Bus. Ad/Mrktg, Mngt 

Jennifer L. Walter 
English Education 
Faith Noel Warfel 
Anne E. Weidner 
English/Prof. Writing 

J. Patrick Weiss 
Social Studies 
Kathleen N. Welsh 
Suzanne E. Westerfield 
Social Work 

Regina C. Wiessner 
Business Administration 
Bonnie Jean Williams 
Mark A. Williams 
Business Administration 

Seniors 155 

Bradley E. Willis 


Barbara E. Willison 

Occupational Therapy 

Kevin D. Wintermute 

Bus. Ad/Mrktg, Finance 

Laurilyn G. Witherup 

Occupational Therapy 

Pamela Y. Wolf 

Elementary Education 

Holly J. Wolff 


Michele L. Wolfgang 


Rufh A. Woltman 

Early Child/El. Ed. 

Rebecca A. Wolyniak 


David B. Wood 
Elementary Education 
Karen L. Woodeshick 
Elementary Education 
Michele L. Woodfield 
Elemenatary Education 

156 Seniors 

Shawn S. Worley 
Business Administration 
Janella A. Wright 
Stephanie Lyn Wright 
Bus. Ad/Management 

Jennifer L. Wyman 
English Education 
Ginger A. Yingling 
Occupational Therapy 
Elizabeth A. Yunger 

Christy D. Zakis 
Bus. Ad/Management 
Kirk M. Zeger 
Karen L. Zimmerman 

Heidi M. Zimmermann 
Occupational Therapy 

Susan Mitschang and 

Stephanie Gibson gladly 
take a break from wash- 
ing and working to smile 
for the camera. 

Seniors 157 

Above: Don't classes end for seniors sometime in 

To the right: Penny, Karen, Steph and Jeannine pig out 
at the senior pig roast. 

T. T* 


Above: Naptime in the BSC lounge for Dan and Marci. 
To the right: Friends you can lean on at Etown College. 

158 Seniors 

To the left: Brian Panella and Sandy Childs discuss plans for the 

Below: Seniors spend the day before graduation with friends, 
faculty and staff. 

►_<i\* ; nill , 

Far left: Barb Willison 
and Jenny Carbaugh 
enjoy Thanksgiving 
dinner traditionally 
served by the faculty 
and staff. 

To the left: The new 
Jay's Nest has been a 
point of controversy 
throughout 1993. 

Seniors 159 

Below: Michele Kozimor and Natisha McClain represent 
Etown as the top presenters of Pennsylvania. 

UB ^ v ■ 1^?^ IB 

Above: Sue and her friend. Mr. Cow. have fun 
during the TGIS festivities. 

To the right: The closer it gets to graduation, the 
more study breaks seniors seem to need 

Above: " I am acting natural. Is she done taking the 
picture yet?" 

To the right: You gotta love those whoopie pies!! 

160 Seniors 

To the left: Giggles and Goofy pose for the 
camera after giving blood. 

Below: Angela is just one of the many 
students with campus jobs. 

Seniors 161 


The world is your apple 
" Take your biggest bite 

4 •- Good Luck and Happiness 

a ^1 ' J Love Always 

B| V £mm Mother and Dad 






Jo-Anne: You have brought so much joy 
into my life and given me so many 
wonderful memories to cherish, I will 
always love you. Good luck in the future, 
may you achieve all your goals and 
continue to be blessed with as much love 
and joy as you have given. 

Love, Mother 

Faye Jean - 

Look how far 
you have come. 

and may all your 
dreams come true! 

Mom & Dad 

Elizabeth Ann Barnes 
^H ■ v We have followed you with 

pride as you grew from a 
Y^ — — \ sweet little girl to a nervous 

I freshman to a lovely young 
" woman. Your alumni, mom, 
dad. aunt & uncle have en- 
-■-■ V ■ joyed your college career as 
you kept up the "E-town" trad- 
ition." On graduation day Grandpa Barnes, a true 
E-town fan, would be so proud. May God bless you 
as you begin life with Barry and as an occupational 
therapist. Love, Mom, Dad, Deb, & Brian 










Tis a joyous occasion, 
It's your graduation and 
Should be recognized. 
Here's to you as 


162 Proud Parents 


We are so proud of 
your success. You 
deserve the best! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Ron 

Maria Theresa De las Alas 

Wow - these four years flew by so quickly - and 
what a beautiful young woman you have 
become. How can I ever explain to you what I'm 
feeling in my heart as you graduate - I'm so very 
proud of you Kristie - of everything you have 
already accomplished, and what I know you will 
in the future. Whatever path you choose to take 
after graduation - I know it will be the right one - 
and you'll be the best therapist you can be. 









Wir gratulieren dir und 
wunschen dir viel 
Gluck immer. 

Mit unseren Liebe, 

Mom, Dad, Grand- 
ma, Uncle George, 
Chris, Jim & Michelle 

Dear Dave, 

We are so proud of you, 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Love Ya Kell! 


It seems like only yesterday 
when you started Kindergarten & 
now you are graduating from 
College!! I can't begin to tell you 
just how proud we all are & how 
very much we love you!! We 
wish you all the happiness & 
success life has to offer - you 
deserve the best - because 
you are "THE BEST"! 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, Jodi, & The Boys! 


Donald Lewis, 
You did it! 
Always proud of your 

This is what you 
worked for! 

With love, 
Your family 


We are very proud of you. Your college 
graduation marks a very special time in 
your life. We pray that your life will be 
filled with love, joy and peace. 

Our Best Wishes and Love, 

Mom and Dad, Gram, Granny and Mark. 

Proud Parents 163 

Tammy Lyn 
It was a hard four years, 
but you did it! Congratu- 
lations! We are very 
proud of you. Good job 
Your best years are yet to 

Love you, 

Mom, Johnny & 

Misty Blue 


Congratulations on a job well done. We 
are so proud of you and all of your 
accomplishments in the last four years. 
May the knowledge and wisdom you 
have received benefit you in all aspects 
of your life. 

We love you, 
Mom & Dad 

Miki - Best of luck as you venture out to 
increase your "Weltanschauung". As 
Lloyd C. Douglas said: "Once you find the 
way, you will be bound by it, that it will 
obsess you. But, I promise you, it will be 
a Magnificent Obsession!" 





TO: Colleen Matejicka 

From: Your parents and Brother 


Your hard work paid off and we're so proud of 

Mom, Dad and Anthony 
PS. We know that you will be equally success- 
ful in your future endeavors! 

To Our Special Daughter Linda 
Words cannot express how proud we are of all 
your hard work and accomplishments through 
the years. You have given yourfamily so much 
joy and happiness. We wish you all the happi- 
ness and success in the future. Always re- 
main the beautiful and caring person you are 
today. Our love will always be with you. 

Mom, Dad, Jeff, Doug & Mike 


YOU DID IT! It's hard to believe four years have gone 
by. another chapter in your life completed and this one 
with an OT degree. I've watched you grow from a 
partying freshman in sweats to a caring, competent 
professional in a skirt! I can't begin to tell you how proud 
I am that you worked hard and now have a degree you 
yourself can be proud of. Now, on to your future and the 
next chapter. Remember "Wind Beneath My Wings"? 
This time you did it yourself. Just remember wherever 
your life takes you. whatever you do, I'm always here. 
Love. Mom 

Words cannot de- 
scribe how proud 
we are of you. 
We love you. 
Mom & Dad 

' * 

164 Proud Parents 

"Yesterday you were 

this big . . . 

Today you are a 

man .... 

All days a son in 


^k Mom & Dad 



To a very special daughter. You have be- 
come a beautiful mature woman with char- 
acter and strength that will guide you 
through your future. You have always set 
your goals high and your accomplishments 
have been many. We are very proud of 
you. Congratulations. 
Mom and Dad, Missy and Ali 


Congratulations on reaching your goal. 

We love you and are very proud of you. 
But, more importantly--we really "like you". 
You have grown to be a terrific person. 

Good luck with your career in writing. 

Dad and Mom 
P.S. AT&T thanks you for your support! 

You are our pride and joy, Amy - the child who 
became a woman. We thought we could never love 
you more than the day you were bom., we were 
wrong. We love you more each day. And we are so 
very proud of you and your accomplishments. You 
are your own person. You are a leader. You are 
beautiful, loving, and you give of yourself and ask 
nothing in return. You are a woman with no preju- 
dices, and we lovce you for that, too. Now you are 
going out into the world, and we want you to know 
you wiull always have our love and support. Knock'm 
dead! Mom & Dad 


We are so proud that you have achieved 
your goal - to become an O.T. Thanks for 
working hard and not wasting our money, 
and most importantly for becoming the 
special person that you are. 

Love ya lots, 
Dad and Mom 

The years have passed, 
Where did they all go? 
We've watched you blossom 
From a bud to a rose. 
May your future be bright 
With pleasures untold, 
For all the joy you've 

given us 
We thank the good Lord. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad & Jimmy 

Congratulations, Kirk! 

We recognize the dedication and hard 
work that helped you reach this goal. We're 
proud of you. Our best wishes for contin- 
ued success at Penn! 


Mom & Dad 

Dearest Kim, 

No matter how difficult the challenge, academically 
or athletically, you have attained your dream. 

No matter how dark the day. you have always 
been the sunshine of our lives. We are truly blessed - 
a wonderful joyous child and now a woman who walks 
in grace and beauty. 

Congratulations - you have worked hard and we 
are so very proud of you. The children that you reach 
through your teaching career will share your knowl- 
edge and your spirit. 

From all your family, but especially mom and dad. 
We love you. 

Proud Parents 165 

Dear Jennifer Walter, 

fer Tl 


From your first 

£k day of school to your last, 

Be happy always. Feel good about 

we have been very proud of 

yourself and all that you have accom- 

t^\ ■\jm youracademicaccomplish- 

plished. We're so proud and always 


knew you could do whatever you set 

1 ■ 

your mind to. 

With love, 

We love you- 

Dad, Mom, & 

Mom, Dad and K 


Congratulations * Kimberly M. Law 


You've come a 
long way baby, 
Rosie, as 1 knew 
you would! I'm so 
proud of you! 

Times to Remember: Taking 2 cars and a 
pickup truck to get all your things to school. 
Making Nicole go to the Parents' Week- 
end picnic with us. Your return from Cancun 


in the middle of the night. Tattoos in Florida. 


Our fist visit to 254 Anchor Rd. Good luck 

to all the ANCHOR GIRLS. Love, "YO" 

Len, Fran, Rachel and Courtney Law 

P.S. Solomon is proud of you, too. 



The end is just the beginning. Good luck as 

you embark upon the next phase of your life. 

I'll love you for ever, 

You are a special person and deserve the best 

that life has to offer. You have been successful 
in each phase of your life and will be so in the 

I'll love you for always, 

future. Go forth with our blessings and love, 

know that we are very proud that you are our 

As long as you're living, 

daughter and sister, and know that we value 

your friendship and love. 

Your Mother I'll be. 

Your family. 



Michele Lee (KOZ) 


Glad things worked out for 



you. We're proud of your 


accomplishments and wish 


you continued success and 


'V 4 

happiness in the future. Re- 

member Lincoln U. Con- 


tinue reaching for the stars. 

With our special love for- 


ever. Ma and Da 

166 Proud Parents 

To our daughter, Elizabeth Joy DeLong: 

Pam, congratulations! 

Congratulations, Betsy, on a job very well done. 

Here you were on your 

You have studied and applied yourself for four 

first day of Kindergar- 

years, learning for your chosen profession and 

ten and now you're 

earning about life. You have grown into a young 

•* ■ 

graduating college. 

woman of whom we are very proud. Now you are 

You have given us such 

ready to contribute your skills to society, making 

r\A _^~~ jEjf 

joy and love. We are 

our world a bettere place to be. As you take on this 

so proud of you! 

challenge, remember we will always love you. 

rwL ^^^^ ^^J 

Love, Mom, Dad 

Mom and Dad 

fek* w Y 

and Jeremy 

(Rev. and Mrs. Ed Delong) 



We loved you then 

We are very proud of you and pray 
that God will grant you the desires of your 

k ~~ 

We love you still 
We liked you then 
We like you still 

heart. May all your dreams come true. 

^ ^ 

Good luck to all the members of the 

V ** 

We are so proud of 

Class of 1993. 


you we could 

Mom, Dad, 



Michael and 




Dear Pat- 


Job well done-now it's time to go 
catch the "big one". 

We're very proud of you and your 
accomplishments. We love you! 


May the years ahead bring you happi- 

Mom, Dad & Mike 

ness and success. 

Mom, Dad & Eric 


Bill, These past years have gone by so quickly. It's hard 

1 5k*- 

o believe that you are now a college graduate. It has 


been a growing time for not only you, but also for your 


We knew you 

family. You've worked hard for this moment and it has 

It \ 

could do it! 

paid off. 

W ^ 

We wish you all of life's happiness & success. There 

H A 

are so many exciting challenges and wonderful opportu- 


nities just waiting for you, and you have so much to offer. 

Mom, Dad 

Our lives have truly been blessed having you as a 

& Chrisy '91 

son. When we look at you we re-live such special times. 

a precious life was entrusted to us. You are hope, you 

^ " . 

are peace, you are the future! CONGRATULATIONS!! 


With Love Forever. MOM & DAD 

Proud Parents 167 

Dear Beth. 

So. now you're an E-town graduate; it seems like just 
yesterday we toured the campus, purchased a green T- 
shirt, and you decided to enroll. The past four years 
have seen FAF's. long hours of work, roommates, and 
a daughter who brightened a quiet home with her visits. 
She wasn't the same young lady we had sent to college. 
We are so very proud of you Beth, and of your 
accomplishments at Elizabethtown. Let those efforts 
always be a reminder that you are able to able to attain 
your goals! 

Mom and Dad in Bel Air 



And to the Class 

of 1 993 

Love from Mom and 





We are very proud of all your 
accomplishments. Good 
luck as you follow your 

Mom, Dad & Dennis 






Dear Tom, 

It's been said that "we should all be 
concerned about the future because we 
will have to spend the rest of our lives 
there." As we take pride in your academic 
accomplishments and personal maturity, 
we know the future is in good hands. 


Dad and Mom 

Mindy: Congratulations! 

We're very proud of 

your accomplishments. 

You will always be the 

"Apple of Our Eye"! 


Mom, Dad, & Keri 



Eileen M. Henry 
Occupational Therapy 

"There are only two lasting 
gifts we can give our children 
One is roots, the other-wings" 


Love, Mom and Sean 



"Nothing is impossible for those 

who dare to dream" 

May all your dreams come true 

We love you. 

Mom. Tina and Joy 

168 Proud Parents 

M Dear Brandie - From your 
1 tippy toes to your curly locks 
1 1 love you, and I'm so proud 
1 to be your Mom! 
[ Congratulations from Mom, 
1 Angie & Jamie. 

W J 

1 From the first day of school 

1 to college graduation day, 
^M you have ALWAYS been 
1 destined for success. 

1 ' ^^ «^^H 



We are very proud of 

all our love, 

Mom and Ang. 

Dear Carla, 

We're so proud of you. 
All of our love. 

Dad, Mom, 
Eric & Rich 


We Are Really Proud Of You 

Love You, 

Dad, Mom, Susan & Barb 

Student Patrons 

Dave - "When one door closes, another opens." 
Here's to the good times behind the closed door, and 
to all the great times yet to come. Love, Meg 

Dana - Thanks for being a great R.A. & an even 

better friend. A-2 won't be the same without you! 

Love, Jessica, Laura, Meg & Tami 

Mike Beal - Thanks for the rest of my life. To Love is 
to feel the sun on both sides. I Love you! 

Love, Andrea 

Hey Mr. Buttah. Thanx for always making traumas 
a little less serious, and the good times Even 
Better! Love, Bertha 

Mom, Dad, Lisa- Thank you and Love you! 
26 Orange- Let me know when you're off the 
phone. Steph- "Scenes!" Love, Sue 

To Scott, my fiancee, love and best wishes, here's 
to '94. Linder, always my bestest friend, mom and 
dad warm thanks. 

Mom -for your strength & encouragement, all my love. 
Pam - LYLAS for laughter, codenames, squeals. 
Ames - to memories. ..past, present, future. 

Fernando, you're an awesome Spanish speaking 
friend, who I'll really miss! Good luck in the real 
world, remember me. Love. Lori 

Annex & KLM: 

As we go our separate ways, I want to wish you a 
future full of happiness and love. No matter the 
time or place. We can always count on each other 
because our friendship will last a lifetime. Fus 

Congratulations Dennis! 

An E-town Graduate to add to the collection... 
and finally a "chip". I'm very proud of you and wish 
you all the success possible. I have always had 
great faith in you! Love Always, Neda 

Hi Tammy! 

Hi Bill! 

Student Patrons 169 

Mother and Dad — I can'l possibly tell you 
how much I appreciate everything you've 
done for me. Lisa — You are a great sister 
and friend. — Deb 

Annex 92-93 and friends — Thanks for all 
the friendships and memories that will stay 
forever in my heart. John — I love you and 
always will! — Deb 

Dana — Life Instruction #359: "Don't let 
anyone talk you out of pursuing what you 
know to be a great idea." Always remember 
this! Good luck and best wishes always. — 

CDK — I couldn't have done it without you. 
I love you. K.S. and D.S. — I'll miss my 
friends in low places. Kath — Don't think 
about anything. Love, Deb 

To Michele, Many wonderful memories 
will endure a lifetime of our happiness to- 
gether. Congratulations on all your success! 
Love Always, Scott 

Jess, Sha, Deb, Julie: I'll never forget our 
crazy times together and this is just the 
beginning! Thank you for being my best 
friends. Love, Sue 

D.D.M., After all this time you still drive me 
crazy. Maybe someday we'll get it right. 
Thanks for all the wonderful times. Love, 

Amy, Kris, Mel, Chris, Beth, Karen, Becky, 
Erin, Janet and Jess: Thanks for all your 
help not only with the ybk, but with keep- 
ing me sane throughout the whole project. 
Good luck next year and remember, I'm just 

a phone call away! Love, Tammy 

Debra, Julie, Sharon, Sue: Four of the most 
wonderful people I have ever known. I love 
you and will miss you. — Jessica 

Mom, Daddy, Calelle: You gave me every- 
thing. I love you. Jefferey, my best friend, I 
love you. Annex '93 love ya! — Jeannine 

Couldn't have made it without you, thanks 
forever: Dynamic Duo, parents, Beckys, 
Reesy, Bert, Maddie, Mandie, Ginas, Kev, 
Rick, Andy, Tammy. — Don 

Mom, Dad, Chad, and Dave — I love you all! 
26 Orange — "Look we're all here at the 
same time!" Sue — "Scenes!" Love, Steph 

Annex buddies — Thanks for making my 
coming here worthwhile. I'll never forget 
you. More champagne, anyone? Love, Kathy 

WK2P — One never got off the couch, one 
never came home, one liked Cleveland, one 
liked to fly and one stair-dove nude. Five 
persons, one soul. $ — thanks for every- 
thing. There's beer in Wilkes-Barre. EWJ 
and Orange St. — Remember Karaoke, Co- 
coa, Thanksgiving and the summer of '92. 
Mom, Dad and Dennis — Thanks can't say it 
all. Love can. — Pittsburgh 

Allison: Friends are friends forever. Al- 
though we're apart, we'll always be togeth- 
er. Thanks 4 everything! Anne: Thanks for 
making me smile even when I didn't want 
to. You are one of a kind — don't ever 
change! Mom — I love you! Love, Tammy 

Best of luck 

to the class of '93 


The Etownian 

170 Messages 

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Elizabelhtown, PA 17022 


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Alice P. Heisey, Proprietor 

During the tax season: For year-round service: 

733 Donegal Business Center 33 S. Market St 

Mt. Joy, Pa. 17552 Elizabethtown, Pa 17022 

Telephone (71 7) 367-5277 

Scott Piter 




(7171 367-0737 

02Aoadd ' Peweiee* 






Red Rose Motel 

Students & Their Parents/Guests 
Comfortable Accommodations At 

Very Reasonable Rates 
2 Miles From College On Rt. 230 

3246 South Market Street 
(717) 367-7518 

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Congratulations to the 
Class of 1993 






Serving Lancaster County Since 1926 

Highlander Cleaners 

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Class of 1 

Building Tomorrow 
with Today's Technology 
from Yesterday's Education. 

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Education Lines of Credit. 
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We give people choices. 


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Medical Associates 




Jflueller's Jflotoer J§>r[Dp 
Your Extra Touch Florist 


to the Class of 1993 

Your official photographer 

DaVor Photo, Inc. 

654 Street Road 

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55 N Market St. 

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367- 1581 

Free Parking Next To Store 

Open 8:00 AM. Mon.Sat 

All Motor Credit Cards Accepted 

Bob's Flower Shop 

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39 S Market St. 

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Located in the heart of the Downtown 

Open 9:00 A.M. Mon -Sat. 
All Mator Credit Cards Accepted ■ 

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for over 50 Years 

520 East Bainbridge Street 
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WATER. (RT 441) ^ 

I 426-2114 



and S est wishes 

to the 
Class of '1993! 

H^fte Conestogan 

(717)361 - 1107 


If No Answer Call 

Hershey and Wagner 

Plumbing - Heating - Air Conditioning 

Bill Hershey 120 S. Market Street 

Owner Elizabethtown. PA 17022 

Your Home is 
Where Our Heart is 



I furniture slore, Inc 

I 702? • (71 7) 367 1362 

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Akerman, Kevin 23, 45, 48, 130 

Albright, Rachel 49, 114 

Albright, Susan 119 

Alderfer, Melanie 116, 130 

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Allegra, Jennifer 116 

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Andrews, Roberta 41, 130 

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Applegate, Amanda 51, 119 

Applegate, Scott 130 

Arscott, Christa 112 

Artz, Michelle 81, 123 

Ashby, Tova 57, 71 


Baboian, Laura 130 

Back, Susan 112 

Bacon, Beth 120 

Baer, Bradley 45, 115 

Bagenstose, Richard 115, 127 

Bair, Christopher 62 

Baird, Bridget 119 

Baisden, Jo Anne 37, 47, 130 

Baker, Jennifer 52, 117 

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Bankard, Jennifer 45, 51, 122 

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Hall, Jeffrey 4. 10, 29, 139. 161 

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Handel, Laura 47, 52 

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Heckler Jr, Harry.. ..47, 52, 53, 56, 110, 111, 139 

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Herr, Jennifer 51 

Hershberger. Tammy 47, 49, 140 

Hess, Douglas 119 

Hess, Erik 6, 10, 62, 140, 189 

Hess, Samantha 114 

Hewson, Heather 65 

Hibbert, Jefferey 3, 45, 112 

Hicks, John 115 

Hicks, Stacy 123 

Hile, Suzanne 140 

Hite, Amy 64, 65, 119 

Hnat, Joseph 46, 124, 126 

Hoag, Heather 121 

Hochadel, Eric 44 

Hodson, Pamela 44, 53, 120 

Hoffman, Chad 47, 50, 57, 140 

Hoffman, Kimberly 140 

Hoffman, Kristin 44, 121 

Hoffman. Theresa 118 

Hofmann, Michael 114 

Holby, Brian 62, 140 

Holland, Shanda 114 

Holran, Elizabeth 44. 141 

Homza, Kerianne 116 

Hosier, Eric 62 

Hotko, Danielle 117. 140 

Howell, Heather 114 

Howell. Raymond 53 

Hubler, Jennifer 141 

Hubley, Stacy 25, 141 

Hudson, William 48, 57, 141 

Hueser, Ann 123 

Hueting, Matthew 115 

Hull, Jennifer 141 

Hummel, Alyssa 112 

Hummer, Michelle 49, 123 

Hunsicker, Gina 56, 58, 112 

Hunt, Tara 42,53 

Hutchinson, Wendi 49, 52, 117, 141 

Hyde, Amy 65. 141 

Hyman, Susan 13, 116 

Innerst, Dana 46, 112, 141 

Innerst, Julie 34, 141 

Ireland, Linda 141 

Ireland, Tammy 119 

Jackson, Kelly 116 

Jackson, Michele 119 

Jacob, Kenneth 10, 57, 112, 115, 141 

Jacobs, Wendy 142 

Jacobson, Heather 51, 53. 117 

Jansiewicz, Eva 52, 118 

Jarzynski, Jocelyn 65 

Jaskowiak, Jennifer 120 

Jennings, Tara 48, 56 

Johnson, Edward 48, 142 

Johnson, Sabrina 66, 67, 142 

Johnson, Talitha 57 

Jones, Katherine 117 

Jones, Kimberly 122 

Jones. Lori 121 

180 Index 

Jones, Tim 62, 119 

Jordan, Jennifer 51 

Jung, Colleen 10, 45, 57 


Kabatt, Jennifer 46 

Kain, Stacy 47, 49, 142 

Karas, Michael 53 

Karli, David 34, 76, 142 

Karvelis, Elizabeth 44, 53, 122 

Kashweka, David 142 

Kasper, Laurie 65, 122, 142 

Kauffman, Derick 45, 115 

Kaunitz, Kimberly 1 16 

Keagy, Todd 142 

Keane, Kelly 115 

Keefe, Erin 53 

Keeney, Kelly 116 

Keich, Amy 116 

Keller, Brian 41, 48, 57, 142 

Kelley, Susan 45, 114 

Kelly, Shannon 70, 71, 117 

Kendall, Trisha 49, 56 

Kenlin, Laura 45 

Kensinger, Mindi 44, 116 

Kepner, Marissa 1 19 

Kerr, Alison 120 

Khumalo, Marwick 57, 62, 142 

Kidd, Monica 26, 44, 120, 121 

Kileen, Keri 4, 120 

Kimmel, Jennifer 71, 114 

Kindon, Matthew 142 

King, Scott 51, 58, 115, 126 

King, William 53 

Kinsey, Jeremy 111 

Kipp, Maria 112 

Kirkwood, Jason 10, 62, 142, 189 

Kirouac, Susan 6, 122, 123, 143, 159 

Kiscaden, Elizabeth 120 

Kiwak, Tracy 7, 143 

Kling, Kimberly 143 

Klitz, Erin 115 

Kmieczak, Jennifer 143 

Knepp, Kristen 53, 123 

Knerr, Stacey 44, 47, 123 

Knight, Pamela 119 

Knox, Catherine 118 

Kocher, Jamie 119 

Koll, Stacy 13, 44, 117 

Kolo, Linda 115 

Kondisko, Joseph 115 

Koontz, Sherri 9, 123 

Kopp, Jayanna 121 

Koskowicz, Karen 46 

Koury, Elizabeth 122 

Kovel, Lisa 119 

Kozimor, Michele 10, 58, 122, 143, 160 

Kraenbring, Mark 112 

Krapf, Janet 122 

Kreider, Nicole 49 

Krentzman, Jessica 143 

Kropa, Valerie 8 

Krufka, Katherine 143 

Kruse, Kristina 75 

Krusman, Meghan 78, 113 

Kuffa, Thomas 34, 76, 88 

Kulas, Timothy 55, 69, 111 

Kunisch, Walter 111 

Kuspa, Angela 143 

Kyriakopoulos, Voula 71, 117 

Ladd, Martha 57, 69, 120 

Lamb, Wendy 123 

Lamoreaux, Lore 122 

Lance, David 46, 114 

Lance, Hope 117 

Lander, Stephanie 143 

Landis, Sheila 122 

Landis, Gary 1 18 

Lane, Eric 118 

Lape, Katrina 44, 51, 123 

Laphen, Patrick 114 

LaPorte, Lisa 58, 121, 143 

Large, Denise 143 

LaVare, Jodie 143 

Lavelle, David 45 

Law, Kimberly 7, 48, 144 

Lawrence, Linda 45, 51, 57, 114 

Lawrence, Matthew 5 

Leaman, John 1 12 

Lee, Edward 10, 25, 48, 57 

Lee, InKuk 144 

Lee, Jennifer 144 

LeFevre, Charlotte 47, 67, 119 

Leffler, Allison 57, 115 

Dean Lehman 57 

Lehman, Laurie 7, 144 

Lehman, Monica 71, 88 

Lehn, Laura 144, 190 

Lehto, Kimberly 117 

Leidig, Jeffrey 44, 144 

Leming, Cecilia 10, 57 

Lenig, Michelle 117, 144 

Leonard, Colleen 116 

Leonard. Shannon 119 

Index 181 

Lesh, Jayne 53, 144 

Lester, Jessica 48, 49, 112 

LeVan, Karen 49, 115 

Lewis. Donald 14, 47. 56, 124, 144 

Leytham, Allison 144 

Lichtenwalner, Aaron 144 

Lind, Eric 118 

Lindsey, Monica 44, 56, 57, 116 

Lisinki, Jennifer 51 

Liu, Hai-An 57, 124 

Lockard, Meredith 114 

Loftus, Jenn 113 

Logan, Patricia 46, 56, 124 

Loose, Ann-Marie 45 

Lord, Catherine 118 

Love, Gayla 13. 116 

Love, James 45, 110 

Lowe, Christopher 57, 118 

Lucas, Richard 112 

Lynch, Heather 44, 117 

Lynn, Jennifer 57, 69, 120 

Lyons, Amy 122 


Mackowiak, Donna 117 

Maclay, Natisha 67, 144, 160 

MacMillan, Heather 113 

MacNair, Scott 118 

Madden, Ann 47, 53, 117 

Magenbuch, Kristen 119 

Maguire, Deana 71, 116 

Maguire, Megan 32,44, 145 

Maher, Lisa 112 

Mair, Kathleen 120, 121, 145 

Majkowski, Wendy 114 

Majoor, Christof 56, 111 

Major, Jill 121 

Makary, Mark 53, 118 

Malley, Dana 44, 116 

Mallis. Nancy 75 

Manley, Sharon 8, 67, 145 

Mann, Gregory 124, 126 

Mansueto. Aileen 121 

Margolin, Rebecca 44, 52, 145 

Markey, Sue 47, 52, 122 

Markle, Elizabeth 122, 123, 145 

Markley, Erin 1 14 

Marks, Michelle 22 

Marr, Ellen 56, 1 14 

Marsh, Wendy 46, 145 

Marshall, Elizabeth 65 

Martin, Brian 119 

Martin, Kimberly 145 

Martin, Milan 110 

Martins, Debra 67, 114 

Martzall, Rodney 145 

Marzullo II, Franklin 112 

Mastellone, Violet 120 

Mastran, Amy 116 

Mastrogiovanni, Denise 115 

Matas, Amy 1 17 

Matejicka, Colleen 46, 145 

Matlack, Kimberly 84, 145 

Matthews, Megan 1 13 

Matthews, Wendy 145 

Maurer, Stephanie 47 

Mazurkevich, Susan 26 

McCall, Brian 111 

McCann, Kristyn 112 

McCaughey, Scott 111 

McClain, Melissa 113 

McClain, Ray 145 

McCleaf, Jennifer 4, 113 

McClendon, Adrianne 113 

McClune, Kirstin 67 

McCluskey, Kathryn 51 

McColgan, Sandra 46, 56 

McDonald, Lisa 4, 34, 45, 113, 146 

McFadden, Kevin 192 

McFadden, Sherilyn 44 

McGuire, Jeremy 110, 111, 146 

McHarness, Cynthia 46 

McHarness, Timothy 55, 62, 111, 146 

McHenry, Daniel 57 

McKenna, Suzanne 44, 67 

McKinney, Dawn 53, 122 

McKinney, Karyn 71 

McManus, Robert 57, 69, 110 

McMurtie, Kelly 113 

McNamara, William 111 

Mehta, Amita 75, 119 

Mejury, Janice 65, 119 

Melcher, Kelly 146 

Mellott, Angela 114 

Meloy, Rebecca 117 

Melson, Laurie 53, 122 

Merritt, Rebecca 55, 121 

Metcalf, Emily 122 

Metz, Alyssa 44, 124 

Metzger, Heidi 75, 118 

Metzger, Kara 44, 52, 56 

Mickletz, Jeffrey 73 

Milbrandt, James 1 10 

Milic, Danijela 124 

Miller, Brett 110 

Miller, Daryl 51 

Miller, Denise 122 

Miller, Jennifer 56, 113 

182 Index 

Miller, Katherine 122 

Miller, Kevin 14, 127 

Miller, Mary C 117 

Miller, Megan 114 

Miller, Penny 69, 146, 158 

Miller, Rosemary 44, 56, 146 

Miller, Scott 115, 127 

Miller, Sheri 117 

Miller, Stephanie 113 

Millin, Rhonda 9, 120, 186 

Milliron, Dana 121 

Mills, Crystal 121 

Mink, Daniel 146, 158 

Mirkovich, Melissa 44, 112 

Mitchell, Matthew 57 

Mitschang, Susan 44, 146, 157 

Modres, Collette 67, 119 

Modres, Jeannine 146, 158 

Mohr, Andrew 115 

Mohr, Michael 124 

Mollar, Daniela 112 

Monsell, Michael 146 

Moore, Roberta 47, 58, 123 

Morgan, Melissa 51, 122 

Morin, Holly 51, 112 

Morrin, J 3, 8, 52, 110 

Morris, Christopher 1 10 

Mound, Louise 123 

Mountain, Inga 51, 117 

Mountis, Athena 122 

Mowrer, Margaret 53, 112 

Moyer, Amy 113 

Moyer, Christopher 113 

Moyer, Jill 114 

Moyer, Patricia 118 

Moyer, Vicky 44, 146 

Mrazick, Robert 76 

Much, Jodelle 117 

Muff, Tammy 115 

Mull, Deborah 56, 117 

Muller, Christine 146 

Mumma-Frank, Amy Jo 48 

Munley, Maura 1 19 

Munro, Brenda 147 

Murray, Amy 147 

Murray, John 114 

Murray, William 24, 57 

Murren, Steven 119 

Muschick, Paul 2, 6, 48, 147 

Musmanni, Nicolas 119 

Musudira, Gresher 124 

Muth, Stephanie 75 

Mwila, Juliana 57, 1 17 

Myers, Cheryl 147 

Myers, Karen 57, 122, 147 

Myers, Rebecca 20, 34 

Myers, Sarah 47 


Nagle, Beth 44,58 

Nalpathanchil, Jessie 1 ,53, 116 

Napoli, Robert 6,48, 147 

Napoliello, Jean 119 

Natali, Claudia 122 

Nelson, Laura 118, 187 

Nethen, Allison 65 

Nichols, Christine 122, 123 

Nichols, Leslie 123 

Nicholson, Meredith .' 114 

Niclaus, Laura 47, 123 

Niedbala, Kristin 117 

Niezgoda, Sue 65, 122, 124 

Nigra, Kara 122 

Nogami, Allison 112 

Noll, Tami 23, 45, 48, 57, 147 

Nong, Van Phuong 51 

Novinger, Alasondra 113 

O'Brien, Mary-Kate 3, 147 

O'Brien, Megan 120 

ODonnell, Julie 46, 123 

OHop, Laurie 44, 48, 117 

O'Toole, Stacy 121 

Oberholtzer, Carol 51 

Oberst. Terry 147 

Obuhanick, Michelle 47, 147 

Ocone, Maria 123 

Ogle, Brian 57 

Ogurcak, Julie 75 

Oiler, Cathryn 122 

Olson, Marc 46, 147 

Orrs, Suzanne 119 

Overby, Kimberly 147 

Overholt, Nicki 148 

Paddock, Dustin 48, 124, 126 

Pahl, Elizabeth 119 

Palmer, Christopher 11 1 

Panella, Brian 44, 57, 148, 159 

Panner, Douglas 62, 189 

Papeika, Michelle 117, 148 

Pareta-Malvehy, Mireia 120 

Index 183 

Parker. Brandon 118 

Parker, Christian 53 

Parrish, Damon 110 

Parton, Chere 7, 39, 52, 148 

Patel, Rachana 148, 190 

Patel, Ravi 148 

Patton, Paula 6, 44, 48, 57, 148 

Paul, Brandy 122 

Paules, Eric 148 

Peake, Mark 148 

Pederson, Aric 52, 113 

Pental, Bret 148 

Perry, Heidi 48, 115, 148 

Perry, Sarah 51 

Peterhaensel, Erin 148 

Petko, Jane 123 

Petrie, Jill 65 

Phelan, Gregory 46, 57 

Phillips, Barry 119 

Phillips, Jessica 115 

Phillips, Laura 120 

Piazza, Amy 120 

Pichiarello, Ann 46, 112 

Pierantozzi, Maryellen 123 

Pierce, Amy 1 16 

Piercy, Philip 118 

Pietrefesa, Patrick 57, 119 

Pinand, Dawn 45, 47, 50, 51, 149 

Plane, Catherine 44, 53, 120 

Plott, Glenn 149 

Pluswick, John 118 

Poff, Lena 115 

Poinsett, Jennifer 117, 149 

Poley, Jason 62 

Poore, Allison 4, 45, 113, 149, 159 

Postens, Tara 149 

Power, Kristen 49, 120 

Praul, Cynthia 48 

Price, Rebecca 116 

Prim, Jennifer 149 

Principe, Michelle 14, 26, 44, 51, 121, 149 

Pugh, Kevin 55, 57, 62, 110 

Puleo, Dennis 69, 149, 189 

Puorro, Beth 25, 48, 71 

Puro, Hope 45, 52, 122 

Raffensberger 57, 69 

Raimo, Jill 47 

Raine, Tracy 6, 55, 149 

Rainville, Renee 44, 51 

Ramsay 149 

Randies, Krysta 57, 119 

Rath, Peter 10, 40, 62, 149, 189 

Rauch, Heather 56, 117 

Raver, Lori 120 

Rea, Kimberly 47 

Readinger, Jennifer 44, 122 

Readinger, Rebecca 46, 122, 149 

Reap, Kristina 115 

Reddig, Michael 46, 69, 114 

Reedman, Jennifer 44, 123 

Reeh, Pamela 150, 159 

Reeser, Lauren 69 

Rege, Rebecca 123 

Reinbold, Eric 51,150 

Reiner, Michele 150 

Reinhart, Todd 76 

Reiter, Carolyn 47, 113 

Renninger, Amy 112 

Renninger, Brian 150 

Revak, Shally 65, 120 

Reynolds, Douglas 13. 44 

Reynolds, Shawn 118 

Rhen, Melissa 47 

Rhode, Franklin 119 

Rich, David 112, 114, 150 

Richards, Amanda 122 

Richards, Amy 150 

Richardson, Ann 57 

Richardson, Holly 47, 52, 120 

Richardson, Timothy 47, 57, 110 

Ridenhour, William 150 

Ridgely, Katherine 47, 51, 122 

Rieck, Amy 47, 50, 150 

Riley, Jennifer 150 

Rinaldi, Gisele 33, 117, 150 

Risser, Ann 56, 57 

Ritchey, Andrew 111 

Ritchey, Tami 112 

Ritchie, Teresa 56. 113 

Rivera, Alexandra 57, 118 

Roach, Andrew 118 

Roberts, Kathleen 150 

Robinson, Beth 113 

Robinson, Darlene 1 12 

Robinson, Sandra 1 19 

Roddy, Jennifer 122 

Rogers, Christina 150 

Rogers, Cynthia 11, 47, 50, 151 

Rogers, Jennifer 113 

Rohrer, Elizabeth 123 

Rolstad, Melissa 115 

Romano, Erin 44, 49 

Rommel, Frederick 48 

Rorick, John 58 

Roscoe, Christopher 151 

Rosenberry, Angela 151 

184 Index 

Rosenfield, Ayelet 113 

Rosetti, Karen 120 

Ross, Alan 127 

Rossini, Joan 69 

Rough, Kevin 151 

Rowe, Sean 151 

Rubinkam, Michael 48, 115 

Ruddock, Amy 53 

Rumbaugh, Christopher 73 

Runk, Kevin 119 

Russack, Julie 120 

Russo, Barbara 45, 151 

Russo, Maria 113, 151 

Rutan, Jeneen 114 


Sabaka, Bethany 45, 51, 123 

Sabo.Tara 112 

Sahd, Matthew 15, 49, 151 

Sales, Amy 44 

Salko, Rebecca 49, 116 

Salmon, Amy 151 

Salvador, Debra 151 

Sanford, Amanda 151 

Sargent, Amy 47, 53, 56, 116 

Saric, Dennis 38, 151 

Saulle, Richard 10, 62, 152, 189 

Saurer, Thomas 115 

Savage, Shirley 53, 118 

Savare, Katherine 20, 34, 152, 190 

Savino, Edward 62, 115, 127 

Schappell, Carol 46, 57, 69, 120 

Scharfenberger, Michael 115 

Schellhorn, Lisa 65 

Schiavoni, Jacqueline 45, 51, 75, 152 

Schildknecht, Matthew 124, 126 

Schirmer, Christine 119 

Schlegel, David 119 

Schlotterbeck, Michael 62 

Schmalenberger, Kevin 110 

Schmehl, Colleen 53, 121 

Schnure, Zoey 117 

Scholl, Jennifer 122 

Schork, Jennifer 112 

Schultz, Stephen 73, 119 

Schultz, Theresa 65, 152 

Schulze, Tawn 117 

Schuman, Kevin 48, 152 

Schwartz, Eric 76, 111 

Schwebel, Kevin 112 

Sciarello, Lora 57 

Scott, Derek 52 

Seagrist, Shawn 57 

Secor, Dana 122 

Segwai, Keto 152 

Sevret, Robert 62, 111 

Shady, Jennifer 44 

Shaeffer, Jennifer 6, 67 

Shanbarger, Aleisha 57, 114 

Shapson, Beth 115 

Sheldon, Heather 113 

Sheppard, Scott 114 

Shiflett, Clinton 111 

Shiflett, Anthony 115, 127 

Shipley, Jeremy 1 18 

Shoemaker, Carla 80, 81, 152 

Showalter, Heather 44, 117 

Shuck, Scott 152 

Shull, Joseph 51, 86, 152 

Siekierka, Carol 48, 152 

Sielski, April 117, 152 

Silvestro, Charlene 121 

Simmons, Matthew 56, 69, 152 

Simon, Andrea 45, 51, 116, 117, 153, 158 

Simon, Michelle 113 

Simpkins, Bobbi Jo 119 

Simpson, Stanton 124, 126 

Sinclair, Kerstin 115 

Sinkway, Steven 14, 115, 127 

Sinno, Elizabeth 153 

Sitter, Lee 57 

Skiles, John 153 

Sleighter, Michelle 21, 46, 48, 115 

Smearman, Brenda 114 

Smith, Aaron 73 

Smith, Alison 58, 69 

Smith, Deanna 119 

Smith, Douglas 153 

Smith, Eric 62, 63, 119, 153 

Smith, Jennifer 153 

Smith, Karen 116 

Smith, Kimberly 119 

Smith, Patrick 56, 58, 79, 113 

Smith, Rebecca 58, 114 

Smith, Tina 122 

Smith, Wendy 11, 117 

Snavely, Arlisa 66, 67, 117 

Snook, Kristen 5, 50, 123 

Snyder, Michelle 120 

Spencer, Robert 111 

Spicknall, Gina 49, 122, 123 

Spink, Laura 51, 71, 112 

Spragg, Andrew 52, 113 

Sprengel, Gary 58, 110 

Springer, Joy 49, 57, 118 

Sprinkle, Joshua 13, 110 

Stanson, Marcy 11. 124 

Starr, Wendy 56, 117 

Index 185 

Steeley, Michelle 69, 153 

Steeneken, Peter 46 

Stehr, Jared 46, 53, 119 

Stellatella, Chris 119 

Stem, Christine 114 

Stenger, Scott 153 

Stephan. Natalie 116 

Stevens, Leah 50, 56, 153 

Stevens, Tanya 117 

Stiner, Pamela 122 

Stoehr, Julie 153 

Stoler, Abigail 9, 118 

Stoltzfus, Laurie 44, 51, 153 

Story, Karen 153, 158 

Straneva, Katherine 123 

Straub, Jennifer 114 

Struble, Rebecca 51, 115 

Studders, Eileen 112 

Stutler, Amie 45,51 

Suffredini, Karyn 122 

Sullivan, Daniel 62 

Summerson, Diana 120 

Sunho, Do 62 

Suozzo, Anthony 62, 154 

Swann, Susan 121 

Swantner, Ronald 118 

Sweeny, Kathleen 53 

Sypniewski, Jessica 119 

Tallman, Brandie 50, 154 

Tarsi, Lisa 24, 115 

Taschner, Teri 119 

Taylor, Carolyn 11, 53, 122 

Teoli, John 39, 48, 154 

Thomas, Betsy 115 

Thornton, Andrea 80, 81, 154 

Tillman, Trina 53, 67, 154 

Tinder, Jennifer 1 16 

Tomas, Steven 115 

Tonia, Piotr 154 

Torbeck, Brian 57 

Torre, Jason 154 

Travas, Allison 154 

Treaster, Tricia 154 

Tregea, Steven 47 

Trexler, Amy 47, 117, 154 

Trexler, Heidi 44, 116 

Trimmer, Rebecca 112 

Troutman, Gregg 46, 47, 124, 126 

Troutman, Marcy 123 

Troutman, Michelle 119 

Troutman, William 45 

Tully, Danielle 112 

Turnbaugh, Barbara 47, 53, 112 

Turnball, Stephanie 47, 154, 159 

Tyree, Angela 122 


Uber, Rebecca 53, 57, 58 

Uftring, Karl 110 

Uhlig, Carrie 7, 120 

Ulmer, Robert 56, 112 

Urich, Ronald 34, 76 

Valentine, Angela 122, 154 

Van Stratum, Susan 45, 112 

Varano, Tracy 117 

Visco, Jeanette 117 


Wagner, Kathleen 123, 155 

Wagner, Melanie 48 

Walker, Christopher 113 

Walker, Linda 119 

Wallace, Ginger 121 

Walsh, Patrick 62, 63, 118, 155 

Walter, Bradley 155 

Warfel, Faith 155 

Warner, Martha 113 

Washburn, Daniel 110 

Watkeys, Kimberly 113 

Watson, Amy 114 

Weaver, Jodie 124 

Weaver, Sherry 113 

Weaver, Frank 1 19 

Weeks, Jennifer 58, 114 

Weidner, Anne 15, 155, 159 

Weis, Patrick 155 

Weiss, Natalie 112 

Weitzel, Michelle 122 

Welsh, Kathleen 46, 155 

Westerfield, Suzanne 53. 155 

Westerlund, Christine 121 

Whelan, Elizabeth 122 

Whitmore, Drew 114, 124 

Whitney, Erin 116 

Wiessner, Regina 4, 45, 47, 155 

Wilcke, Sarah 120 

Willey, Heather 116 

Williams, Amy 124 

186 Index 

Williams, Bonnie 67, 85, 155 

Williams, Diana 113 

Williams, Kenneth 119 

Williams, Mark 45, 155 

Willis, Bradley 156 

Willison, Barbara 156, 159 

Wilson, Charise 116 

Wilson, Deborah 45 

Winchell, Helene 112 

Wingenroth, Heather 123 

Winon, Patricia 117 

Winston, Marimba 7, 57, 117 

Winter, Donna 52, 115 

Winter, Patricia 51, 57 

Wintermute, Kevin 41, 156 

Wischner, Lynn 46, 65, 116 

Wise, Kristie 120 

Wise, Michael 113 

Witherup, Laurilyn 156 

Wochok, Erik 111 

Wolcott, Richelle 113 

Wolf, John 118 

Wolf, Pamela 44, 45, 156 

Wolff, Holly 44, 47, 50, 156 

Wolfgang, Michele 11, 122, 156 

Wolfrom, Peter 114 

Wolfram, Sarah 118 

Woltman, Ruth 74, 75, 156 

Wolyniak, Rebecca 49, 53, 56, 156 

Wood, David 156 

Woodeshick, Karen 156 

Woodfield, Michele 44, 51, 156 

Worley, S. Stacey 51, 57, 157 

Wright, Deborah 35, 48 

Wright, Janella 47, 50, 157 

Wright, Stephanie 157 

Wullert, Stephanie 118, 158 

Wyant, Deborah 75 

Wydra, Jennie 120 

Wyman, Jennifer 157 


Yeager, Gretchen 121 

Yingling, Ginger 41, 157 

Yingling, Tina 46, 57, 112 

Young, Steven 113 

Young, Suzanne 74, 75 

Yunger, Elizabeth 46, 157 


Zachary, Dave 47, 57, 118 

Zakis, Christy 44, 47, 66, 67, 157 

Zavada, Erin 115 

Zawislak, Audry 44, 84 

Zeamer, Bryan 73 

Zeger, Kirk 157 

Zeloski, Aimee 116 

Zimmerman, Karen 48, 57, 157 

Zimmerman, Lisa 81, 88, 120 

Zimmerman, Stephen 45, 51, 118 

Zimmerman, Heidi 157 

Zweibel, Kelly 120 

Zyzniewski, Karen 119 

^™ aasas i 



Index 187 

To the right: Students gather in front 
of the High Library for a peaceful 
protest against the spending poli- 
cies of the administration at Etown. 

Below: Etown students face dilemas 
every day of school-to go or not to 
go (to class), that is the question. 

To the right: 
move from the li- 
brary to the new 
BSC addition in 
hopes of being 
heard by the 
Board of Trust- 

188 Closing 

Above: Dennis tries in 

vain to hide his sentimen- 
tal side, while Kim looks 
on with a smile. 

Above and to the left: 
"Welcome to the Jay's 
Nest; can I take your or- 

To the left: Who says 
there are no men at 

Below: We came. We 
saw. We partied. Wel- 
come to the VW club. 

Above: Nothing like fresh air to help you study. In 
Etown fresh can mean chocolate or manure, de- 
pending on which way the wind is blowinng. 

Closing 189 

To the right: Many students took the oppor- 
tunity to speak at the Senior Worship Ser- 

Below: The pathways around the new BSC 
addition are finally clear for students to walk. 


UjTlJi T> 

To the right: Always a kid at heart! 

Below and to the right: Jen, Rachana and 
Laura, relieved that graduation is over, pose 
for one final picture before they go off into the 
REAL world. 

Below: Students express their concerns about 
lack of communication during the protest. 

W7i t- Jt 


If Jl '^8» 

I * Jm 

VW Ml 


190 Closing 

Far left: Some 
people were 
born to sing. 

Closing 191 

192 Closing 

*> >